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Shopify and Shopify Plus Partners

MindArc Digital Agency proudly partners with Shopify Plus, one of the global leaders in connecting e-commerce sellers and buyers. We regularly attend and sponsor events in partnership with Shopify, such as Unite in Toronto, Online Retailer in Sydney and our own events which you can read about here.

Our mission lies in bringing the most efficient and effective technology to our clients who rely on making the right connections to their customers, whether they make purchases on mobile phones, through social media, in-store, or wholesale. Through our partnership with Shopify Plus, we remain committed to helping our clients enjoy the best possible service. We maintain close ties with the Shopify team to ensure the best results every time.

Use Shopify Plus to Reduce Opportunity and Other Costs

What is Shopify Plus? Shopify Plus focuses on high growth and high volume customers looking for a custom experience without over-complication. This platform offers a number of advantages for businesses who do not have the technical expertise to run e-commerce in-house. Primarily, Shopify Plus saves businesses tremendous amounts in opportunity cost. Our clients do not have to hire new staff or spend vast amounts of time learning themselves.

Shopify Plus also ensures that an e-commerce business does not have to deal with the inevitable bugs, putting in servers, feature implementation, order management, or bandwidth problems. Businesses based in rural areas with limited internet speeds, for example, would garner huge benefits from working with Shopify Plus.

Saving money on farming out to Shopify Plus allows business owners to concentrate on what they do well, whether it is production, marketing, or other parts of making a business successful. Since Shopify Plus has years of experience with some of the world’s top companies, they can put their know-how to work for our clients right away.

Reach out to MindArc Digital Agency today at [email protected] to learn more about how Shopify Plus can reduce the costs of doing e-business and keep our clients from sacrificing what is valuable to what is urgent.

John Vella

John Vella

Head of Technology, MindArc

Shopify Plus is a brilliant foundation for an eCommerce store to grow on. We’ve created our own Apps to give our merchants more flexibility with their sites functionality and performance and we place a heavy focus on a seamless user experience.

Matt Craig

Matt Craig

Director, MindArc

We partnered with Shopify Plus in 2016 and since then have seen the great success which merchants can achieve on the platform first hand. With a cloud hosted infrastructure and easy admin management lightening the load we need to carry, we can add value where our merchants really need it, in business automation and strategic support.



Platform Migration, eCommerce (Business, Functional, and Technical) Strategy, International Expansion, Ongoing Website Management, Website UX Design and Development


Platform Migration, eCommerce (Business, Functional, and Technical) Strategy, International Expansion, Ongoing Website Management, Website UX Design and Development

Black Chicken Remedies

eCommerce (Business, Functional, and Technical) Strategy, Ongoing Website Management


eCommerce (Business, Functional, and Technical) Strategy, Ongoing Website Management, Migration from Magento, Website UX Design and Development

First Base

eCommerce (Business, Functional, and Technical) Strategy, Ongoing Website Management, Platform Migration, Website UX Design and Development


Platform Migration, eCommerce (Business, Functional, and Technical) Strategy, International Expansion, Ongoing Website Management, Website UX Design and Development

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Shopify Plus Benefits

Through MindArc Digital Agency, e-commerce clients get access to a proven and powerful team to help ensure successful and painless service. Shopify Plus provides access to launch managers, technical designers, merchant success managers, and dedicated support members.

The Shopify Plus team stands ready to assist clients 24 hours per day and seven days a week because e-commerce does not clock out for the night or take holidays. Clients can count on Shopify Plus to continually update and improve their service to keep up with advances in technology and changes in the market.

Another major advantage of Shopify Plus lies in their ease of doing business across national borders. Our clients do not have to worry about language issues, geo-targeting, and moving from one currency to another. Shopify Plus handles all of these potentially tricky issues easily.

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Implementing a digital marketing plan is also much easier when using Shopify Plus. Their team have experts in search engine optimisation and other effective marketing tools. The Shopify Plus team can help you discern what may work and how.

Shopify Plus pricing for e-commerce also offers its partners predictability in the cost of services. While the price plans are set to serve large enterprise customers, they do offer a respite from the wide fluctuations in costs seen by those who do e-commerce in-house. These include the costs of hosting, fees, development, bandwidth, and other issues.

Finally, Shopify Plus allows clients to be innovative in terms of offering deals and conveniences. Customers can receive customised gift cards and a multipass that helps users bring login information from non-Shopify platforms. Shopify Plus is dedicated to making sure that e-commerce businesses have an ample array of options from which to best serve their customers. MindArc Digital Agency looks forward to working with businesses who will see their costs drop and their sales expand through working with Shopify Plus.


Shopify Plus works with some of the world’s most recognisable brand names, such as Proctor and Gamble, UPS, Citizen, Addidas, Sears, and L’Oreal. Through Mindarc Digital Agency, that expertise can go to work for you. Reach out today to ask questions or to learn how your business or non-profit can partner with Shopify Plus. Call 1300 286 827 or email [email protected]