We were delighted to welcome some of Australia’s leading retailers at this morning’s event, hosted in partnership with Word of Mouth Collective and KP Retail. A sit down breakfast was the perfect setting to bring thought leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers together to discuss some of the most common challenges we see with social media marketing as well as the most noted successes.

Set in the beautiful Atrium Room at The Grounds of Alexandria between botanical florals and abundant goody bags, we heard a panel discussion between Cameron Gomes from MindArc, Emmily Banks from Depths of Beauty and Kiki Keysers from Kivari.

Cameron chatted to Emmily and Kiki about their thoughts on social media marketing in an age where algorithms change at the drop of the hat and as influencers hold more cards than ever before. Everything seemed to boil down to the extreme importance of authenticity.

In the digital world, there are so many opportunities for brands and influencers to cut corners by buying likes a simulating comments to mimic an authentic profile. In the real world, which is rife with savvy millennials, this just doesn’t work the same way it did a few years ago. The influencers you choose to work with are representative of your brand, and therefore will become an extension of your voice and vision.

Brendan & Sharon from Lauren Simpson Fitness

Thank you so much to all our sponsors who contributed their beautiful products to our goody bags!

Michael from Parlour X with Matt from MindArc

Our beautiful guests!

Isabelle from Isabelle Quinn, Kiki from Kivari, Emmily from Depths of Beauty & Ash from Kivari

Cameron from MindArc and Kath from KP Retail

Breakfast time…

Emmily from Depths of Beauty & Kiki from Kivari

Thank you to The Grounds for providing such delicious breakfast!

Animated Panel Discussions..

Breakfast is served…

Kiki from Kivari & Emmily from Depths of Beauty

The best goody bags we have ever seen!

Marvin and James from 1001 Optical with their MindArc Digital Producer Peter

Beautiful hydrangeas creating a floral backdrop for our breakfast

Thank you to New Directions for our custom goody bags!

Shahram and Adam from New Directions Packaging

Pre-Breakfast Networking

Georgia & Courtney from White Fox Boutique

Cameron from MindArc, Emmily from Depths of Beauty & Kiki from Kivari on the panel

Thank You to all our lovely Sponsors for their contributions to our event! You can read all about them here. Photo Credit: Jessica from Blunden Gallery.

Millennials now make up a huge percentage of most brands’ audience and impressing them is of paramount importance. The way to impress them and engage with them is not by generating false likes and comments, but by showing the true personality of your brand, who you are as a business and who you align yourself with.

At MindArc, we believe that by creating opportunities for brands to network and learn together then the industry as a whole will grow and prosper which is why designing events for this purpose are more important than ever before.

In no other circumstance would established natural beauty brands be able to compare ideas and thoughts with online training businesses and pure play fashion boutiques. Uniting the thought leaders of our eCommerce ecosystem is the way to take Australian Retail to the next frontier, and together with our partners KP Retail and Word of Mouth Collective, we are incredibly excited to see what the future holds for all our merchants.

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