Shopify Plus Features

Multi-Channel Ecommerce

Sell everywhere your customers buy:

  • Mobile
  • Social
  • In-store (Plus Only)
  • Wholesale (Plus Only)


Specialized Apps and Channels

The following channels and apps can be used by Shopify Plus merchants only:

Customise your Checkout

Shopify Plus merchants can customise the look and feel of their store’s checkout experience (Shopify Plus merchants only):



This feature helps Shopify Plus merchants monitor their flash sales’ effectively. It’s a full-scale automation tool built to schedule, monitor, and manage revenue-generating events such as sales campaigns, product releases, and content changes. Track the success of a sale by viewing the real-time analytics dashboard.


Merchant Success Manager

Merchant Success Managers (MSMs) are ongoing account managers for Shopify Plus merchants. MSMs act as the main point of contact for every single Plus merchant – to ensure ongoing merchant success and support any flash sale activity or quell website issues. MSMs are marketing and strategic-leaning and specialize as a consigliere to Plus merchants on platform best practice.


Launch Managers

Launch Managers (LMs) are Shopify-assigned project managers whose main priority is to make sure each Shopify Plus merchant launches successfully and on time. LMs are technical-leaning and specialise working alongside Partners to ensure a smooth transition.

Pop-up shops and Shopify’s Universal POS

More information coming soon!

Sell globally and market locally

  • Shopify Plus Comes with 9 Clone stores included
  • Create a store for each of the countries or markets you sell to
  • Provide unique experiences that align with the buying tendencies and trends for each individual market


Shopify Flow

Everyday, groups across your organization are faced with a flood of tasks, processes, and demands. As you grow, the network of systems that meet those demands become increasingly inefficient. Manual repetition and mounting complexity don’t just overwhelm. They devour.

Why? Because people don’t scale… and neither does your time. New hires, piecemeal workarounds, and sacrificing what’s valuable for what’s urgent feel like the only answers. They’re not.

Shopify Flow is a first-of-its-kind ecommerce automation platform that reduces manual tasks and frees your entire organization to focus on what matters. Growing bigger, faster.

Already on Shopify Plus? Install Shopify Flow today.


Additional API resources

The following API resources can be used by Shopify Plus merchants only:

  • Gift card – can do a variety of actions like create and send unique Gift Card codes to an email list
  • Multipass – allows you to carry over customer accounts from non-Shopify websites without having the customer create a new login
  • User – TBC


Priority 24/7 Support

Have a question about Shopify and need an answer right away? Shopify Plus merchants get priority phone and email support 24/7. That means talking with an experienced Shopify support team member without having to wait on hold.