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As a trusted Magento 2 partner, MindArc Digital Agency strives to improve shopper involvement and engagement by bringing you enterprise-class innovation, flexibility, and top-of-the-class performance. We design and support Magento 2 eCommerce stores for online businesses like yours, and we’re particularly focused on making the management of products, customers, payments, orders, and deliveries simple and stress free.

In addition to a team of highly qualified Magento 2 experts, we implement a range of eCommerce solutions to ensure a seamless integration with other business systems and streamline customer experience while mitigating common and expensive eCommerce problems. With a fresh new interface and tools that cover your advanced marketing, SEO, and catalogue management needs, Magento 2 presents the most convenient eCommerce solution for your business.



What is Magento 2?



Released in 2015, Magento 2 builds on Magento’s open source heritage to create a fast and fluid e-commerce platform aimed at boosting scalability and conversion rates. Redesigned with performance in mind, Magento 2 allows for a faster and easier shopping experience and improved admin control thanks to a number of built-in tools and features. Not to mention an entirely different architecture and full page caching that facilitates page loading speeds up to five times faster—down to just 1-2 seconds from Magento’s native 5-10 seconds. Growing businesses will definitely appreciate its ability to handle many catalogue pages without slowing down, running up to 20 percent faster than its predecessor.

With over a decade of experience, Magento continues to provide revolutionary e-commerce solutions that address the needs of growing businesses. Notable performance improvements include 51 percent faster end-to-end checkout times, 66 percent faster add to cart server response time, and almost instant server response times for catalogue browsing, which will save money in the long term. From SMEs to international retailers, Magento 2 is regarded as one of the industry’s most robust and adaptable e-commerce platform.

Get in touch with the experts at MindArc Digital Agency at [email protected] to learn more about how Magento 2 can make a difference to your customer shopping experience, as well as our different Magento 2 pricing options.


John Vella

John Vella

Head of Technology, MindArc

Magento is a powerful platform which is brilliant for our enterprise merchants with an international strategy. Leveraging the talent of our Sydney based development team, we create innovative and automated solutions to allow our merchants to scale efficiently and quickly.

Sean Pieres

Sean Pieres

Director, MindArc

We kicked off our partnership with Magento early on in our business, starting with the build of the original Showpo site. Since then, our team has launched countless successful Magento sites for some of Australia’s leading retailers across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle verticals.




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King Living



White Fox Boutique



St Frock


The Daily Edited

Case Study:
1001 Optical

1001 Optical came to MindArc seeking a digital partner to guide them through a re-platform from WordPress to Magento 2.

Having been in the business for 25 years, 1001 Optical was ready to take the next step with their online presence. Operating on a WordPress site for content and presence more than ecommerce, 1001 Optical needed not only a new solution but a new partner to guide them through the development of setting up and maintaining an online product catalogue and fulfilment process. With 18 retail outlets across Sydney and Melbourne and stocking brands like Burberry and Prada, there was no question that 1001 Optical had a stronghold in the bricks and mortar market – our task was to cement them as an industry leader in the luxury, online space.

Read the case study by clicking here >


Case Study:
Camera Pro

CameraPro is more than just a leading retailer, they are a community built on insight and inspiration for photographers by photographers. The business is a result of Jesse Hunter’s single-minded vision to create and innovate through bringing a community of like-minded photographers together. Driven by the relentless pursuit of being better, CameraPro wanted to take their ecommerce experience to the next level on Magento 2.

With a strong focus on customer service and outstanding UX, the MindArc Team was tasked with a four-month turnaround – our shortest Magento 2 timeline to date. In parallel with CameraPro’s values to innovate and constantly challenge ourselves to be the best – we accepted the challenge.

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Case Study:
White Fox Boutique



MindArc and White Fox Boutique have been partners since the launch of the first WFB site in 2013. Since then, we have seen exponential growth in their business as their offering has become more unique and tailored to their market. Performance optimisation has always been key to the success of White Fox Boutique’s online business as blogger campaigns, flash sales and highly coveted product releases are the norm.

As White Fox continued to outgrow Magento 1 Community at an accelerated pace, we realised our strategic roadmap would have to come forwards. Therefore, at the start of 2016, we recommended that to move to Magento Enterprise a re-platform to Magento 2 would be the most efficient and sensible investment for their business.

Read the case study by clicking here >



MindArc Digital Agency has been serving e-commerce businesses across Australia for many years, providing unmatched Magento 2 migration services that take your website to the next level. With Magento 2, the checkout process becomes streamlined and more intuitive, making it easier for customers to go from cart to completed order. Magento 1’s six-step checkout process is replaced by a quicker, two-step process—an upgrade shown to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversions. Once they reach the default checkout page, customers are prompted to enter an email address. If matched to an existing customer, they have the option to check out with previously saved information, which saves time and improves customer experience.

With Magento 2, key integrations are also in place to simplify the whole process of setting up and managing your e-commerce shop. Main payment gateways such as PayPal and Braintree, as well as payment security technologies such as Worldpay and Cybersource, are included with Magento 2, ensuring that business owners can concentrate more on growth and less on time-extensive technicalities. The improved code structure of the platform provides much better reliability as well.

In terms of design, Magento 2 introduces a mobile-friendly architecture supported by different devices, at different screen resolutions. As a whopping 80 percent of Internet users own a smartphone and 62 percent of them have made a purchase online using their mobile device, having a fully responsive website design is paramount to success. A choice of mobile-friendly themes is included with the platform, as well as a responsive checkout page for faster ordering.




Have more questions about the Magento 2 e-commerce platform and its potential? MindArc Digital Agency is always on hand to handle your enquiries. We love building new websites on the Magento 2 platform, and we have successfully assisted companies in creating highly effective shopping experiences for their customers.

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