At MindArc, our passion is creating and maintaining beautiful ecommerce experiences for you and your customers. By partnering with us, you will have access to our dedicated team who thrive on understanding the business needs and system architecture of your company and translating those needs into innovative and automated solutions.

Cameron Gomes / General Manager

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Ecommerce Website Partners

We pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to our relationship with you so we preempt requirements, ask questions and map out your calendar year with you for important events. We integrate ourselves into your business so we can be in a position to provide you with value-adding services across all areas of your company.

All of our development and planning are linked to growth goals and run as part of a monthly strategy workshop to plan development and infrastructure needs 3+ months in advance so we can ensure we are constantly measuring our joint successes.


Why is support different with MindArc?

We love helping you and we’re all equipped to do just that. So, when you call MindArc, you’ll speak to someone who can solve your problem or answer your query.

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU IN THOSE BIG MOMENTS / From a huge sale win to a 3am emergency, you always count on us for unlimited technical support.

We know that a Magento Enterprise merchant has different requirements from a self-sufficient Shopify merchant. That’s why our partnership options are designed to suit a variety of needs.

By choosing your support plan with us, we can help you with what you need and make it simple for you.