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Partner Spotlight: Yoghurt Digital

In this Partner Spotlight, we chat to our long term partner Michael Laps from Yoghurt Digital. After collaborating on multiple clients and enjoying success together, we find out more about his journey with Yoghurt Digital.

Thank you for taking part in our Partner Spotlight Series! To start with, tell us how you came up with the original founding idea for Yoghurt Digital?

Yoghurt Digital is a digital marketing agency that specialises in search and user experience, and being a performance agency, we’re not just interested in driving website traffic but also turning that visibility into measurable revenue growth.

That’s why the original founding idea for Yoghurt Digital was our disdain at the lack of data being used in developing digital strategies. Data doesn’t lie. When you look at digital marketing campaigns through a data lens, it’s black and white. What sets our agency apart is that we use data and not opinions to drive strategies. By using data as our compass, we don’t just accept things are working at face value. We work tirelessly to understand the why’s and how’s so that we can amplify results for our clients. Check out our core values:


Since founding the company, what would you say has been the high point for you?

That’s a tough one. We’ve had a lot of moments which, at the time, were big milestones and peak excitement for us.

Our first hire, Jess (who still works at Yoghurt). Our first official office in Crows Nest. Our first marquee client, which was ANZ Bank.

But if we really had to narrow it down, I think the high point comes for us every morning when we walk into our office and seeing the whole team working together. The feeling of knowing we built this business from scratch is pretty hard to beat, and seeing how far we’ve come is unbelievably rewarding.


How closely do you/your team work with your portfolio of merchants? Can you give us some examples of brands you work with?

All three of Yoghurt’s co-founders are still directly involved in the sales process, strategy development and implementation for our clients. We always felt that it was important for business owners to keep their finger on the pulse so we can understand not just what’s happening in our business, but also with our team and our clients.

Our service offering is high-touch, meaning we communicate with our clients frequently, giving them insights into performance, discussing their digital strategy and looking for additional opportunities for them to grow their business. We like to be as embedded as possible with our clients so we feel more like a part of their team rather than a service provider.

In terms of the brands we work with, they include H&R Block, Forever New, M.J. Bale, Converse, R.M. Williams, Aquila, Jurlique, the NRL, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Click Frenzy, HelloFresh and RSPCA.


Are your merchants varied across all industries, or do you specialise in a certain niche?

As you can see from our client list, the brands we’ve partnered with come from all walks of life and a wide variety of industries.

We’re agnostic when it comes to vertical, because we believe our methodology can be applied to any business of any size and still drive tangible growth.


Tell us about the services which you offer. Is it limited to CRO or are there complimentary services which you offer?

Conversion Optimisation (CRO) and UX is a big point of differentiation for us. Our hunger to delve deep into the thinking and behaviour of consumers through qualitative and quantitative user behaviour research is what allows us to build such tailored, targeted and effective digital strategies.

There’s also a clear flow-on effect from understanding our client’s customers, because we integrate those insights into our strategies for SEO and SEM, which are the other services we offer.

The other two services we offer are SEO and SEM, both of which are incredibly complimentary to CRO. There’s also a clear flow-on effect from understanding our client’s customers, because we spend time generating insights about what language and keywords consumers use, the competitors they consider, their major pain points, their channel mix and specific feedback on the brand and overall conversion journey – all of which can be integrated into an SEO and SEM strategy.

When you start to build an integrated strategy across SEO, SEM and CRO, you have the ability to drive more aggressive growth as you’re not just driving more traffic, but investing in converting it too.

Do you have a qualification process or criteria for your merchants? Should they be operating at a certain level before they come to you?

Yes, we do have a qualification process. We don’t work with everyone, because not everyone is an ideal fit. While traffic and conversion numbers certainly play a part (particularly from a CRO perspective), we also want to be a good fit with our clients from a culture and values perspective.

Because we work so closely with our clients, having a relationship built on trust and respect is critical to our ability to drive performance. Otherwise it’s very difficult to get things done.

Having said all of that, we also love meeting new people and having a chat. So we’re always up for grabbing a coffee or having an initial conversation. If we feel that we’re not a good fit for your business as an agency, then we’ll be honest and upfront about it and explain why. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money, so we’d rather introduce you to someone who feel would be a more effective partner.


What’s your Number 1 recommendation for your merchants when they work with you? Any inside tips you can share with us?

Transparency and communication are defining attributes for a successful client – agency relationship.

In order for us to be effective, we need to be fully integrated into your business. This allows us to know what’s happening and adjust our strategies accordingly. We need access to performance data and marketing calendars, the opportunity to regularly speak with key decision-makers and stakeholders, collaboration opportunities with any other agencies the client uses, and constant communication with our point of contact to make sure everything is on track.

If you treat us as a part of your business we’ll be in a much stronger position to make an impact.


We’ve been working together for a while now and have enjoyed some incredible successes together and achieved stats for our mutual clients. How important is partnership to you and your business?

It’s critical. We don’t operate and function in a bubble – we need partners to help us develop and execute our strategies. Whether it be implementing new functionality or design components on a website, or updating technical SEO elements, our partnership with developers like MindArc is critical.

Every single one of our clients has multiple partners they work with, spanning advertising agencies, PR agencies, creative agencies, developers, plus the various platforms they work with (e.g. CMS, CRM, email marketing, etc.). Our strength is in our ability to collaborate with other agencies and integrate our strategies across both traditional and digital channels to hit our client’s goals.

We also loved co-hosting the Digital Discussions Dinner with MindArc earlier this year at The Winery and the Conversion High Tea last year!

What do you think creates a perfect client experience for your customers?

Digital marketing is a big investment financially, and because it’s so trackable and measurable it’s often a hot topic and a highly scrutinised area amongst our clients. They want to both protect and grow their investment.

For us, the perfect client experience lies in being proactive. Over-communicating what we’re working on, delivering frequent insights based on data


What does the next six months look like for Yoghurt Digital?

Digital marketing is a landscape that constantly shifts and changes, rapidly evolving in parallel with technological advancements. It also happens to be a highly competitive space, with lots of agencies competing in a relatively small Australian market. This means we need to be at the cutting edge at all times, which is why our main area of focus is service development.

One of our strengths as an agency is that we know that we don’t know everything, which keeps us hungry for knowledge and growth. We’re always thinking about how we can level up our service offering and streamline our processes.


Finally, can you leave us with any words of wisdom for clients who are interested in CRO but don’t know where to start?

CRO is about understanding every touchpoint in the conversion process and making those journeys as seamless as possible. So if you’re looking for a starting point, the best thing to do is to begin collecting as much data as possible about how consumers find and interact with your website. That kind of user behaviour research is the cornerstone of CRO.

The second part, however, is equally as important.

We come across plenty of companies who have rich data about their customers and website visitors, yet very few are investing in actually leveraging that data. By analysing your data and extracting meaningful insights, it will allow you to not just improve the usability and functionality of your website, but also build more effective digital strategies. And really, that’s the key – otherwise it’s just data for data’s sake.


For more information on how you can integrate Yoghurt into your eCommerce Strategy, chat to your Digital Producer today or get in touch with the Yoghurt Team!

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