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Partner Spotlight Series: KP Retail

Welcome to the first post in our Partner Spotlight Series! We have invited companies from the MindArc Partner Network to share their thoughts and expertise with us to help businesses like you grow. First up, KP Retail..

Thank you for taking part in our Partner Spotlight Series! To start with, tell us how you came up with the idea for KP Retail

We had been doing business grants for 6 years with our previous business & saw how powerful they could be when applied correctly. We had many friends and peers who also ran their own businesses and wanted to do grants however had no idea which ones they were eligible for. The biggest pain point was business grants are a big, time-consuming & very intimidating from the outset. We helped these founders & CEOs with a fresh approach to business grants where it’s not scary & intimidating.


What would you say has been the high point for you? 

On-boarding our clients by referral basis & working with other industry leaders such as MindArc to deliver a meaningful service to our clients.


How closely do you work with your portfolio of merchants? Can you give us some examples of brands you work with? 

We work with a range of clients ranging from start-ups to medium-sized businesses. We work with over 200 clients across a wide range of categories such as high fashion, fast fashion, activewear, organic skincare, beauty supplements, nutritional meals, beverage products & software solutions. We have mutual clients with MindArc such as gorgeous natural skincare brand Edible Beauty, luxe swimwear brand Cantik Swimwear through to high fashion brand Manning Cartell.

KP Retail Client Edible Beauty


Tell us about the services which you offer. Is it limited to grant applications or you do provide complimentary services too? 

We are focused initially on introducing clients to grants & getting them grant-ready. We also connect our clients with any complimentary services from e-Commerce with MindArc through to other partners such as US pay as you go service Sezzle whom we met at the Magento Imagine Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year.


Are there any limitations on who can apply for the grants?  

There are set criteria for each of the grants however it does vary from client to client as to which grants they are eligible for. We help clients identify which grants they qualify for & help set them up for grant success.

KP Retail client Manning Cartell

What are some of the items clients can claim under various grants?

-Marketing consultants
-Overseas blogger & celebrity marketing campaigns
-Overseas trips for marketing activities
-Website development for marketing pages on the website
-Free samples
-Trade fairs, seminars and in-store promotions
-PR Agencies
-Promotional literature and advertising
-Overseas buyers
-Registration and/or insurance of eligible intellectual property
-Photoshoots for look-books & campaign imagery

Clients can claim a variety of items in their grant applications


What’s your Number 1 recommendation for your clients when they work with you? Any inside tips you can share with us? 

Be transparent & know that we are here to support you on the client side. We aren’t intimidating & there are no silly questions when it comes to us. We have a very open communication channel with our clients & are passionate about helping businesses connect with the best grants.

We have very real relationships with clients where we know their dogs names, have regular catch-ups & know what their future goals are whether it’s securing more marketplace brands or securing net-a-porter as a wholesale partner.


We’ve been working together for a while now. How vital is a partnership for your business? 

As we’ve grown mostly by referral business, partnerships & collaborations are extremely important. We look at business as a game of chess, not checkers and are taking a long-term approach with each of our clients.


What do you think creates a perfect client experience for KP Retail merchants?

We believe our approach of having empathy towards each clients business helps enrich the client experience. Every client is unique and has their own set of challenges; we are here to support our clients through the peaks and troughs.

KP Retail Client Cantik Swimwear


What do the next six months look like for KP Retail? 

We’re always working 6, 12 and 18 months ahead and have a clear vision of where we want to be. Having a clear vision with helping clients build long-standing sustainable businesses is our core driver. We have other developments in the works which will help our clients take away a lot of the headaches of running a business.


What are your top 5 books for every retail CEO?

New Power – Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms

Getting to yes – Roger Fisher

The Man from Zara: The Story of the Genius Behind the Inditex Group – Covadonga O’Shea

Matter – Peter Sheahan

Who moved my cheese? – Spencer Johnson


Finally, can you leave us with any words of wisdom for clients who are interested in grant applications? 

Revenue is vanity and profit is sanity.


KP Retail can help you generate extra cash-flow for the business which will, in turn, help you build a profitable business. Once you see the power of the grant funding, it’s exciting as you can start to invest in new ways to grow your business.

You can reach out to KP retail here or ask your Digital Producer for an introduction.

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