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Partner Spotlight: Online Marketing Gurus

For the second part of our Partner Spotlight Series, we sit down with our long standing partner Mez from Online Marketing Gurus to find out what his service offering is and how we work best together.

Thank you for taking part in our Partner Spotlight Series! To start with, tell us how you came up with the original founding idea for Online Marketing Gurus?

We built Online Marketing Gurus because we noticed that there was a massive gap in the market for Data Driven Search Marketing that uses real analysis and information to drive results ( Performance Marketing is a numbers game, but there is just so much fluff in the space ) Andrew Raso and I started this business in 2012 with $500 in working capital each, and are now proud to say that we are one of Australia’s fastest growing Search Agencies and one of the only Agencies in the globe to spend more than $1,000,000 on Research and Development ( of our own money) to further out space and our clients.


Since founding the company, what would you say has been the high point for you?

The highest point for us happens everyday when we see our clients getting fantastic ROI. Seeing campaigns pop with massive traffic spikes, ROI spikes, lead spikes is what gets us jumping out of bed. Outside of this though, we were recently voted by the Financial Times as one of the Top 1000 Tech Companies in the globe, and this was an awesome sense of pride to see that our hard work and investment is getting recognition on the global scale.


How closely do you/your team work with your portfolio of merchants? Can you give us some examples of brands you work with?

We have a broad range of clients and are lucky enough to work with The MindArc Agency together to deliver joint solutions between Search and Platform ( this is where the best results come from) Some examples of our clients and projects include, Hello Molly Fashion, Doors Plus, Noni B, Peter’s of Kensington, Model Co, Napoleon Perdis, Valley Girl, Zimmermann and many more.


Are your merchants varied across all industries, or do you specialise in a certain niche?

We predominantly specialise in the Ecommerce/Retail space. We see this as one of the fastest moving spaces online and super interesting!


Tell us about the services which you offer. Is it limited to SEO or are there complimentary services which you offer?

We are Enterprise Search Agency, what this means is we not only do SEO ( organic, which still makes up a large portion of Search Engine traffic) but also integrate this with Paid Biddable Media ( Think , Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram) We are a Google Premier Partner and manage Paid Media campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Australia. We believe that we now exist in a multi touch point, multi device world ( ie people using multiple devices, and requiring numerous touch points for conversion) and thus all these channels need to sign together harmoniously to help brands drive their ROI in a truly measurable and scalable way.


Do you have a qualification process or criteria for your merchants? Should they be operating at a certain level before they come to you?

We like to only work with established brands, or brands with a serious focus on scaling through digital (including small business, but with the right attitude)


What’s your Number 1 recommendation for your merchants when they work with you? Any inside tips you can share with us?

“Strategy Without Tactics is the slowest route to Victory, Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”- Sun Tzu

The biggest issue I see with business engaging in Digital Advertising is they don’t have a clear succinct Business/Marketing Strategy, and think Marketing tactics, ie SEO, PPC, Facebook is Strategy… it isn’t. Spend time and invest in building out your strategy FIRST before engaging any organic or paid media campaigns to ensure:

    1. The best chance of long term success
    2. A smooth path to success (as you know where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and on the way if you are on track….)


We’ve been working together for a while now and have enjoyed some incredible successes together and achieved stats for our mutual clients such as 50% YoY Growth, Top 3 Rankings for key categories and more. How important is partnership to you and your business?

The partnership we have with MindArc is absolutely pivotal to delivering great success to our clients. The reasons for this are clearly shown when looking at a key stats in our industry.

More than 60% of users as at 2018 use a mobile device when surfing, but on average mobile conversion rate are half that of desktop.. this means that your SEO/SEM/Facebook and your platform strategy ( think , Magento/Shopify) need to be integrated to deliver a real end to end experience.

Agencies who try to do everything under one roof really are shills, and can’t deliver the level of expertise required across both design, UX, SEO, SEM and Facebook to compete in ever more competitive environments (as at March 2018, Australia also has one of the most expensive costs of biddable media, 4.8 times higher than the US on Facebook).

We rely on each other to deliver clear, integrated outcomes and leverage each others deep technical expertise and brilliance to give our joint clients the best of the best in each vertical of their Digital Marketing (front office and back).

What do you think creates a perfect client experience for OMG and MindArc Customers?

Our Consultants working together, particularly in the design phase to ensure that all of our works are complimentary to each other and the clients strategic marketing initiatives


What does the next six months look like for OMG?

OMG is on a training and learning rampage in the next 6 months! We will be attending and speaking at many Ecommerce Events and are looking to further scale and grow our Search Marketing knowledge ( even though we have spent more than any other Search Agency in Australia on Research we still can never stop learning, when you stop learning you die!)

Finally, can you leave us with any words of wisdom for clients who are interested in SEO but don’t know where to start?

I always suggest the best place to start is a Digital Audit. I always tell our clients there are no bad marketing channels, there are only marketing channels which are wrong for your goal.

We offer all MindArc clients a Free Digital Audit by yours truly where we do a $2000 Strategy doc based on your goals which then stipulates what channels we need – you can get that here


Thank you Online Marketing Gurus!

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