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White Fox Boutique

Case Study

Challenge to solve:  High amount of maintenance and technical challenges on their Magento Platform.


Most revenue in 1 day just days after launch!

Key pain point to address in this project:

White Fox wanted to move to a platform that provided a lot more technical stability and supported their fast-scaling sales volume. They relied on technologies like site traffic queuing systems to ensure their site remained operational during big campaigns but this sacrificed good customer experience. We wanted to come up with a solution to reduce running costs and improve customer experience.

The migration from Magento 2 Commerce to Shopify Plus:

Since the launch of their first site in 2013, White Fox had always leveraged Magento for their eCommerce platform of choice. The amount of data and customers built up over the lifetime of their site meant that is was putting a lot of strain on their platform. MindArc had to come up with a solution smart to store this data as well as taking the opportunity to clean and improve the data architecture. By Leveraging Shopify Plus, the infrastructure was able to be streamlined and allowed for much more scalability with lower overheads than their Magento site.

Integrating Shopify Plus and PeopleVox:

  • Delivered a custom Integration through the MindArc Middleware framework
  • Created a custom, fit-for-purpose solution which enabled White Fox Boutique's business process to remain intact during the migration to PeopleVox
  • The solution also catered to custom delivery methods in Shopify which passed customer delivery choices to the shipping provider through the PeopleVox system in a readable format.
  • Integrated PeopleVox into 2 international stores and enabled Shopify to work with PeopleVox's single inventory pool while preventing oversells from occurring.
  • Built a data sync queuing system which enabled large volume of sales to be made in a short time to enable PeopleVox to handle Influencer sale order demand

Enabling Faster Communications and Operations:

Our communications team also came in to assist White Fox with their telecommunications infrastructure. We setup dual internet connections at their head office so there was a backup at all times to ensure business continuity in the scenario where one of those connections is down or experiences issues. We also migrated them to a cloud telephone system so they had the ability to work from any location and still be connected to their communications channels in an effective way.

We’ve always maintained a fantastic relationship with Sean, Lucy and the MindArc Team. They have always gone above and beyond for us as we’ve scaled up over the past few years to include international campaigns which fall outside their usual office hours. MindArc made so many custom fixes to mitigate impact to our daily processes and order fulfilment. Thank you MindArc!

Georgia (Founder)