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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

UCaaS is a new breed of communications and is centered around collaborative tools required for businesses to interact with internal and external stakeholders. UCaaS refers to a phone system that uses the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide a cloud-based solution for businesses. This facilitates convenient flexibility as access to “seats” or “licenses” are typically purchased on a monthly basis and can be scaled up and down as needed, this removes the requirement for large capital expenditures to upgrade infrastructure and lengthy setup delays when compared to traditional telephone system equipment.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Technology - Optimise your business communications with enterprise grade voice, fax, call handling, mobile apps & the ability to bring your own devices.
  • User Experience - Provide a consistent feature set and user experience across the globe.
  • Integration - Ability to integrate with key business applications (CRM/ERP) assisting your team to personalise your customer interactions.
  • Mobility - Management of the system can be done via a simplified mobile application.
  • Anytime, anywhere - Manage your system whenever & wherever you want.

Why Integrating Unified Communications is so Important?

Keeping up with the latest technology comes with a hefty price tag. All the upgrades, maintenance and training take up the organisation's budget and time as well. Instead of focusing on important matters, you'll use up your time to convince stakeholders about the costly transition and maintenance fees.

But with UCaaS, the transition helps the businesses in many ways, providing valuable insights to different categories of your business. With the help of a UCaaS provider like MindArc Communications, the backend, cloud hosting and other technology-related processes are already taken cared of. We are committed to helping you have the best solution for your internal and external communication needs.

Benefits of Unified Communications

Promotes Collaboration

Communication is a key component to a successful business. With unified communication tools, the team can easily connect and collaborate without changing platforms despite located in different cities and timezones.

Boosts Work Productivity

Having one platform via the cloud allows the team to share and access files from a centralised source. This also allows them to easily collaborate via video and audio with multiple people and edit documents in real-time.

Allows Flexibility

UCaaS allows you to work remotely and still seamlessly connect with the team, especially now during the new normal. UCaaS also lets you scale up and down the number of access for users easily as well as get a customised solution that fits your business needs.

Save on Costs and Time

No need for lengthy monthly maintenance hours and expensive upgrade fees. Unified Communications as a Service doesn't require large capital expenditures for upgrades and lengthy setup delays compared to traditional telephone system equipment.

MindArc Communications partners with the Best UCaaS Providers

Our global providers are leaders in the Gartner magic quadrant (See image) and allow you to focus on what you do best instead of worrying about operations.

Optus LOOP

One of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia, Optus offers a cloud-based business VoIP that allows businesses to connect with customers and teammates without the need for traditional telephone hardware. Through cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone solution, businesses can provide customers with one contact information that can be picked up using any device available and more.

Optus LOOP is perfect for:

Businesses who want to add their landline to mobile, keep track of usage, can create customised messages while on hold, and more are perfect in using Optus LOOP. These functions are ideal for small to medium businesses and large enterprises looking for UCaaS offering a centralised platform for communication and mobility, keeping everyone in the loop.


Known as a UcaaS leader for 5 years in a row by Gartner Inc., RingCentral is a cloud-based UcaaS provider that focuses on telephone cloud communications, video meetings, messaging, and more. You can have an unlimited number of users, calls to the United States and Canada, unlimited SMS text messages and more.

RingCentral is perfect for:

This UCaaS provider is ideal for medium to large businesses that operate with a huge number of team members who constantly collaborate and businesses that have international presence and customers.

8x8 virtual office

8x8 virtual office is an all-around communications tool that enables your team to work in any location using any device. It's hailed as an eight-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader because of its solution's features, integrating voice, video, chat, contact centre, and enterprise-class API solutions in one platform.

8x8 virtual office is perfect for:

This cloud UCaaS solution is a great pick for small business and large corporations with international clients and in need of an omnichannel communication solution. It allows voice, video and messaging in a single app and offers unlimited voice calling to up to 47 countries, depending on your chosen plan.


Trusted by around 70,000 customers worldwide, Dialpad is a cloud communication backed up with Artificial intelligence. How it works is that it's famous Voice Intelligence is able to comprehend human language, allowing it to create to-do lists, find answers, reveal analytics and more.

Dialpad is perfect for:

Dialpad is ideal for businesses who want a cloud communications solution full of features but wants to stick to their current devices. It's an enterprise grade solution that even small businesses and startups can maximise because of the features and costs.


One of the world's largest SaaS companies, LogMeIn offers a complete solution that allows everyone to connect no matter how many they are on any location and device as well as giving secure access.

LogMeIn is perfect for:

This UCaaS provider is made for businesses who have team members who're always on the go as it gives access to people anywhere they are. Aside from this, LogMeIn has a suite of products that will definitely help your remote work from online meetings and webinars to toll-free calls and password management.

Get Started in Transitioning from Traditional to Digital

Our global providers are leaders in the Gartner magic quadrant (See image) and allow you to focus on what you do best instead of worrying about operations. You can read more on the Gartner report by visiting this link.

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