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Software Defined Network (Managed SD-WAN & Secure SD-WAN)

SD-WAN is designed to increase your network agility and reduces costs for multiple location configurations when compared to the traditional private network. It also reduces bottlenecks from within corporate networks and fits in with a cloud first strategy for business units. Now with the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) at 90% completion, we find that customers are calling out for the next generation of networking solutions that allow for:

  • high availability
  • single plane of glass administration
  • secure dual access solution networking equipment

SD-WAN reinvents the traditional WAN by leveraging the power of virtualisation with the below advantages:

  • One network from multiple carriers – With SD-WAN there may be multiple network carriers used across multiple locations.
  • Performance Monitoring – An SD-WAN’s single console and uniform software deployment approach makes it possible to monitor network and application performance at any point within the network.
  • Location Agility – Enable multiple links, devices, and services to co-exist and interoperate. With the use of software to manage and optimise the network function, it becomes easier and faster to turn on new endpoints or change locations.
  • Balance Costs – With greater carrier choice and uniform hardware, SD-WAN evens out the cost differences between locations.
  • Administration – Having a single plane of glass to remotely monitor and enable moves adds and changes transforms your business allowing applications to be prioritized within a few clicks.

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