Congratulations to Costume Box for launching their new Shopify Plus store!

Shopify Plus Support

MindArc Digital Agency proudly partners with Shopify Plus, one of the global leaders in connecting e-commerce sellers and buyers. We regularly attend and sponsor events in partnership with Shopify, such as Unite in Toronto, Online Retailer in Sydney and our own events which you can read about here.

Our mission lies in bringing the most efficient and effective technology to our clients who rely on making the right connections to their customers, whether they make purchases on mobile phones, through social media, in-store, or wholesale. Through our partnership with Shopify Plus, we remain committed to helping our clients enjoy the best possible service. We maintain close ties with the Shopify team to ensure the best results every time.

How can MindArc support your brand

  • Ensure your theme is optimised and working for your customers
  • Help your business effectively take advantage of all the Shopify Plus features
  • Make sure all your different business systems are correctly integrated
  • Improve business processes for managing your eCommerce store on Shopify and setting up the right automation.

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