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SEO for Website Migrations

We help our customers when they are migrating from one platform to another or building a new site. We ensure that all factors are covered from a search engine perspective and the impact on site traffic and performance is minimal when launching.

This can be critical to a business’s user experience and their visibility within search engines. Losing your site’s credibility and visibility could also mean having to wait for longer time than desired to get your site’s rankings back. Hence why it is important to get this right the first time and to make sure all aspects of SEO are covered at time of launch.

When migrating to a new platform or building a new site it is a great time to review your current SEO and look at optimising it. It is good to review this whilst you build your site as making and adding changes will be easier than when the site is built and you have to go back and make changes to the site;s code or functionality. Our team at MindArc use the migration period to do exactly that. We provide SEO recommendations from a technical to on-page perspective. Along with ensuring that all your current URLS are mapped to your new URLs, thus informing search engines like Google that you are changing your address/ moving house and to forward all credibility to the new URLs.

We analyse and consider the following factors where relevant:

> Google Analytics

  • Account Production
  • GA Tracking including E-commerce tracking
  • Google Tag Manager creation and Management
  • Funnel Tracking through Enhanced eCommerce

> SEO Technical Review

  • Ensuring the site can be indexed by search engines
  • Manage any possible crawl errors
  • Coding recommendations to give site best performance
  • SEO Technical Capabilities for the site

> Site Structure/ Architecture

> Keyword Research

  • Long Tail Analysis
  • Competitor Research

> SEO Recommendations

  • Metadata Production
  • Keyword Mapping
  • URL Mapping
  • Meta Description Guidelines

If you are migrating to a different platform or building a new site on your current platform then reach out to the Digital marketing team for a chat about how we can help.

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