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MindArc proudly partners with Shopify Plus, a global leader in connecting e-commerce sellers and buyers. We strive to bring the most efficient and effective technology to our clients who rely on creating the right experiences for their customers, whether they make purchases on mobile phones, through social media, in-store, or wholesale. Through our partnership with Shopify Plus, we remain committed to helping our clients enjoy the best possible service with the right technology powering their needs.

Leverage Shopify Plus to free up your resources for Growth!

What is Shopify Plus? A platform that focuses on high growth and high volume merchants looking for elegant technology solutions that allow them to focus on what they do best. Shopify Plus works with some of the world’s most recognisable brand names like Proctor and Gamble, Citizen, Adidas, and L’Oreal just to name a few. The platform offers a number of advantages for businesses who do not have the technical expertise to run e-commerce in-house and at the same time also offers the capabilities to allow sophisticated teams to extend, connect and integrate other systems or functionality to handle the needs of large scale enterprises.

Shopify Plus also takes care of all the maintenance and updates of the core platform so you don't have to deal with infrastructure bugs, managing and scaling servers, data management, or bandwidth problems. The resources and time saved from not having to deal with these areas means business owners and teams can concentrate on business operations, marketing, or the other essential parts of growing a successful business.

Another reason we chose to partner with Shopify Plus is their approach to innovation and their belief that "technology should just work". This can be seen through how strict they are when it comes to quality assurance and the release of new features on the platform and how little issues our merchants have encountered over the years.

Work with MindArc on your site

From basic theme updates to custom feature development, MindArc can have you covered for all development needs on the Shopify Plus Platform. If you are not currently using Shopify Plus to power your eCommerce but are interested in finding out more we can help.

John Vella
Head of Technology, MindArc

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Other great Shopify Plus benefits...

Shopify Plus provides access to solutions engineers, launch engineers, and merchant success managers throughout your on-boarding and journey with them that we collaborate with to ensure you are getting the right support all the way through. Their support team is ready to assist clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week because they understand e-commerce doesn't sleep. Clients can rely on Shopify Plus to continually improve their products and services to keep up with the latest web technologies and changes in the market.

For globally focussed merchants, Shopify Plus facilitates commerce have systems in place to make it is easier for you to do business internationally. They have solutions to manage language requirements, geo-targeting, and moving from one currency to another. There is also an opportunity for you to take advantage of 9 additional included expansion stores as a Shopify Plus customer allowing you to create unique experiences and content for different regions or even specific countries.





Shopify Plus is dedicated to making sure that e-commerce businesses have an ample array of options from which to best serve their customers. MindArc looks forward to working with businesses who will have the chance to experience Shopify Plus for the first time - if you are used to older legacy platforms we are confident you will be both impressed and relieved to know that some technology just works!

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