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Mobile Solutions for Business and Wireless Data

We have seen a continuous shift wherein businesses are looking for ways to work remotely and effectively. Even before the new normal, having the opportunity to become agile in serving customers and connecting with the team convinced business owners to get business phone plans, especially thriving small businesses. These mobile solutions for small businesses and enterprise mobile device management services are definitely an investment to help the business grow further.

Our team has the tools and resources to scope, design and implement mobile fleet solutions and management for you via the well-established Optus network.

Partner with MindArc and Optus

What are the benefits of getting an Optus Business Phone Plan in Australia?

Wide Network Coverage

Telco giant Optus is available all around Australia, giving access and mobility for businesses anywhere, anytime in the country. Its best network so far, 4G plus, is available in all capital cities and more than 700 regional towns. Meanwhile, the Optus Mobile Network has now reached 98.5% of the Australian population.

Business Solutions that Work

Our communications partner, Optus, has a wide array of mobile solutions for small to large businesses. Aside from mobile phone SIM plans, mobile device management and other mobile solutions, which MindArc can help with, the telecommunications company also offer broadband nbn™, VoIP and IT services.

Excellent Customer Service Support

Aside from MindArc, there's also a local Optus channel manager ready to assist you on your day-to-day business as well as a dedicated Optus channel team in case you need system set-ups and ongoing training & support.

MindArc: An Optus Partner Company - Why a business phone plan with us?

MindArc is a recognised Optus Partner Company dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through connection, support and mobility for your business. We have a direct relationship with Optus, allowing us to provide mobile fleet solutions via the business channel partner program without the added cost for you.

End-to-end Consultation

It all starts with scoping — we ask details about your business, its goals and its needs. By understanding your key requirements and goals, MindArc can recommend the best Optus business plans. Whether it's a sim only deployment or a full suite of devices and tablets, we can assist you with your problems on your plans and devices.

What are the plans available under MindArc and Optus' Partnership?

There are two available plans for you to choose from — Business Tech Fund plans and Business 24 Month SIM Only plans.

Business Tech Fund Plans

This Optus business phone plan is perfect for businesses who want to be hands-on with their phone plan costs. First, it gives more flexibility and control for you and your team on choosing the plan. Second, this plan allows data pooling and device credits, enabling you to share data and device credits to anyone in your team. Lastly, the Business Tech Fund plan gives unlimited standard national talk and text to boost your team's productivity and communication.

To get started with this plan, you can contact us directly. The process is simple; the first step is we'll discuss with you the services available. You can customise your plan, picking six or more services based on your and your team's needs. Then, decide if you want to get your device or save it as device credits, which you can use after 24 or 36 months depending on your contract.

Easy Management

Have full control over your plan and credits. You can manage your budget per month with unlimited standard national voice and video calls, SMS, MMS, Voicemail, and more for those with six or more people.

Flexible Options

You can choose with either 24 months or 36 months device options. The only difference between the two is that the 36-month contract gives you more device credits than the other.

More Data to Share

Your team won't need to get worried about excess data fees again. The Business Tech Fund plan allocates you with more data you can share with your team whenever and wherever they are.

Added International Services

For businesses that transact with international clients or travel overseas, this plan provides you with roaming inclusions and travel packs you can add to your mobile plans.

Devices for Everyone in the Team

There is a wide selection of devices you can get for your team using your device credits, equipping them with the tools they need while mobile. This can be either upfront or a time of your choosing during the contract period.

Business Plus 24 Month SIM Only Plan

We also offer a SIM-only plan for businesses who're already equipped with the necessary devices or are still rocking their current devices at hand.

Compared to the Business Tech Fund plan, Business Plus 24 Month SIM Only Plan has more affordable options that already includes main services you'll need to connect with customers both locally and internationally. If you're interested in this plan, you can speak with us, and we can discuss which Business SIM Only plan is perfect for you.

Why Choose the Business Plus 24 Month SIM Only Plan?

Enjoy International Services

Transact with customers and suppliers internationally without worry. This plan offers roaming and travel packs to make your out-of-country business trips or communications easy and within the budget.

More Shareable Data

Share data to your team members with eligible mobile services wherever they are. The Business Plus 24 Month SIM Only Plan is for businesses always on the go and for team members who worry of going above the data allocation.

Can Also Come With a Device if Needed

This Optus mobile plan is made for businesses that already own devices. But, in case there's a need for a new device, you can easily add one to your contract. The device can only be added on the 12-24 month contracts.

Know what plan best suits your business

We can work with your business and assist you in selecting the right mobile solution from our range of mobile devices and rate plans on offer that are bespoke for the Optus Business Channel Partner program. Reach out to us. Our team is happy to assist you with your business phone plan needs.

We provide a long-term partnership with you where we not only design and deploy your mobility solution, but we also provide on-going account management so we can continue to support your changing business needs. If you are unhappy with the level of service you are getting from your current telecommunications solution provider, we are ready to help today!

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