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MindArc Middleware Apps

At MindArc, we have started to build a very versatile framework off the back of the Lumen framework that allows for our development team to create a variety of experiences through the use of the Shopify API, keeping it up to date consistently for all our apps that we create through Shopify’s evolving API as they expand functionality.

We also have our apps frontend flexible to suit to any experience, where we can expand the functionality and speed of the storefront via exposed endpoints from the application or we can tailor the admin experience to help your staff automate their business logic with ease and create automated workflows that can drive your efficiency for your team up.

We have chosen to create our middleware in a way that allows our developers to create consistent modules that can be transferable,reusable and allows us to create a baselined consistent experience.

With our Middleware the apps that we create are either:

Private/Custom - One off experiences tailored to your website and business requirements
Public - Applications that can be installed and submitted for use by multiple clients

All apps that we develop are also developed and hosted on our servers - allowing us to be in full control of the stability and uptime of the app and ensure the development lifecycle is maintained. Although Shopify is a closed platform, and it has a controlled API that we have to adhere to, we have managed to create some custom apps using this framework

To give you an understanding of how far we can take it, here's a quick list of applications that we have developed and just how versatile this framework can be:

  • A multi-parcel custom checkout shipping application
  • A snowboard/ski hire system
  • A monogramming system
  • A filters/layered navigation system
  • Multiple integrations with ERP’s (Apparel21, DEAR, RetailExpress, Harmony etc)
  • Visual merchandising
  • Out of stock notifications

The list goes on, but hopefully that gives you an idea of what this system has achieved for our customers.

If you feel like you have an app or business requirement that can’t be met with the off the shelf applications available in the market today, please contact us to find out how we can help achieve your custom experience.

Create a custom app with MindArc

Monogramming System

Hire System