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Google Analytics and GTM Agency

Google Analytics is the chosen technology that we utilise for all our Online Marketing campaigns. It has great functionality and the search consultants are Google Analytics qualified. Prior to the implementation of any SEO recommendations the analytics will be correctly produced to ensure ongoing success and to produce a benchmark from which to measure that success off of. We will also set up any reports the business requires based on conversation between client and search team.

It allows you to find out about HOW, WHAT, WHY with regards to visitors your site:

  • HOW - how they found and arrived at your site
  • WHAT - what they did once they landed on your site
  • WHY - why did they leave your website and where
  • WHO - GA can be customised to capture this

We ensure that Google Tag Manager (GTM) is in place for all clients to ensure their user's on-site movement and engagement is tracked. We provide full management of our client's GTM including 3rd party tagging. We can also help build analytics dashboards within tools like Google analytics to help monitor the success and ROI of your campaigns

Our Analytics Offering

We specialise in various aspects of Analytics and tracking set-up and this allows us to offer a variety of analytics services as per below:

  • Analytics Set-up - levels vary.
  • Analytics Audit - how is the current setup, what are the gaps?
  • Implementing Enhanced eCommerce - Google's latest and best feature around tracking shopping behaviour on your site.
  • Performance Analysis - full site audit from a performance perspective- where is your site performing well, where is it losing users, where are users getting confused, who and how are people coming to your site and more (including recommendations and next steps)
  • Custom Reports - We look to create custom reports which allow us to get even more granular data- E.g. high value VS low value customers, Re-marketing capturing, Campaign performance, Page type performance

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