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ERP and Systems Integration

There are many Enterprise Resource Planners (ERP’s) out there and so many of these systems may require an integration partner to get you setup and running.

Through our years we have worked with many ERP’s and systems on different platforms and have taken those experiences into our Middleware. Since then we have evolved the way we approach integrations and with our Middleware created, we have the ability to develop these integrations that are faster and more expandable as we can control the data and streamline it into the Shopify platform easier and faster than ever.

Our Middleware has the ability to Index data from the Shopify platform, and this gives us a way to access and compare data on the fly to ensure what's being sent is done in a way that is smarter and less resource intensive which results in quicker and faster data syncing as well as ensuring system uptime.

This has meant that we are now able to focus on the technology that is driving your integrations instead of fixing issues.

Our integration is constantly working - and through the use of Shopify Webhooks we can ensure that syncing can occur when data is updated within Shopify from an Order being made or a Product being modified.

But wait, we have multiple stores in Shopify but 1 ERP, how does that work? This is something that our framework also takes care of, allowing us to install the same application on two different stores but link them to the same ERP.

So far as more partners are moving towards the Shopify platform, we are building more integrations with Shopify. Some of the systems we have worked with to date are:

  • Apparel 21
  • DEAR
  • Retail Express
  • Harmony
  • Peoplevox
  • Alpha Fintech
  • Cin7
  • Minder
  • Office D365
  • SAPB1

If you have a system you are looking to integrate with and require an Integration partner then our developers are here to help.

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