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eCommerce Apps & Custom Apps

The shopify marketplace is full of applications that can fuel your eCommerce store with features from a click of a button. This ecosystem is what drives the Shopify platform above other platforms and makes the entire experience easier for merchants to set up their storefronts with ease and without the likes of developers, even us!

These applications can come at a cost, recurring or tier based - but that cost should be outweighed by the need to have your own developers on hand to get these features like you would in other platforms.

We at MindArc have embraced this ecosystem, and as an agency believe that reinventing the wheel isn’t necessary and if there are off the shelf applications these should be utilised as it will definitely add instant benefit if you pick the right applications for your store.

However even though there are so many apps already created, there will be a time where custom apps will need to be created to suit your particular business needs, and this is where MindArc comes in.

We have a framework designed to be super versatile and enable the development for these custom apps. To unlock the full potential of your storefront and enhance the experience tailored to your business we can create experiences and take it to the next level by utilising the Shopify API and creating interfaces or integrations.

The benefit of using custom apps is that we can work past the perceived limitations of the Shopify platform like customising the checkout or adding features to your mini cart or checkout.

So if you are looking for an Agency to help guide you through what applications work best for your storefront or need to get something that works that no off the shelf app can provide, please talk to us and see how we can get your storefront evolved and stand out above the others.

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