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Dinosaur Designs

Case Study

Challenge to solve: Dinosaur Designs were seeing a downward trend in their online performance and needed to find different methods to attract new customers. Their search visibility was limited to branded keywords so they decided to partner with us to help grow visibility on the right non-branded search terms to attract customers.


Increase non-branded search keyword visibility by 27% in 1 month!

Key pain point to address in this project:

MindArc had recently helped Dinosaur Designs migrate from BigCommerce to Shopify plus with a new fresh look to really capture their brand. A few months later when social distancing restrictions hit in early 2020 which reduced activity in physical retail, they also experienced a drop in online activity and the traffic to their site. We were tasked to investigate and noticed this was mainly due to a reduction in brand related searches, and their non-branded search traffic was traditionally low. Our plan was then to help improve their organic visibility and traffic through non-branded search queries...

Driving the solution:

We identified all the potential quick wins for the site including metadata optimisation and improving the call-to-action strategy across the site for a more engaging user experience.

After making our proposed changes we quickly saw a great improvement, not only in their Organic traffic, but also their revenue coinciding with the traffic increase. Within just 1 month we could see positive results and the site was performing better month-on-month.

The Wins:

Performance based on month-on-month results:


Traffic Increase


Keywords in position 1 to 3


Revenue Increase

Optimising the metadata allowed the site to be more visible for non-branded search queries. It also meant that the site was now able to reach a newer audience who may not have been aware of the Dinosaur Designs product offering beforehand. And we knew were interested in their range due to their search behavior.

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