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Cloud Hosting Services

The internet is the backbone of the business, while the website is the bread and butter. Without a reliable hosting service, customers won't be able to access the website or other offers. For businesses with websites, choosing the right hosting service is crucial to keeping your eCommerce site live and accessible. Keep our website secure and running with cloud web hosting.

In partnership with iland, the global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure (IaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS), and backup as a service (BaaS), MindArc now offers cloud hosting services for small and medium business up to large enterprises and global corporations.

Industry analysts recognize iland as a leader in disaster recovery. The award-winning iland Secure Cloud Console natively combines deep-layered security, predictive analytics, and compliance to deliver unmatched visibility and ease of management for all of iland's cloud services. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, London, UK, and Sydney, Australia, iland delivers cloud services from its data centres throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

What is Cloud Hosting Service?

First things first — cloud hosting is a hosting service that provides a scalable, secure, and fast hosting option for businesses. While using cloud hosting, the website under the cloud is able to experience up to 100% uptime, and users have the ability to scale server resources whenever needed easily.

How it works is that it balances the load by using multiple servers instead of one. In case one server fails, your website is still up because another server will take over to keep your website live and running.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Hosting your website on the cloud brings in various benefits for you and the business.

Redundant Server

Oftentimes, your website is hosted by only one website. But, with Cloud Hosting, your website has backup servers on standby to keep your website up and running. In case something happens to the server and your website goes down, your backup server will take charge and being back your website on the internet in seconds.

Scalable and Flexible

Getting cloud hosting gives you access to a site management dashboard to increase or decrease server resources immediately and easily. Before getting started in managing your hosting, there will be an onboarding process to explain the dashboard and how to operate the service.

Always Up and Running

Since your website has a main server and multiple backup servers for support, it is always online. Also, having multiple servers makes it easier to transfer your site in case the main server is offline, or there are technical issues you need to address or scale resources in case of traffic surges.

Safe from Hardware Issues

With Cloud Hosting, the website is not connected to any physical server or hardware. This means that your site is safe from system overload, hacking or hardware failure.

Easy-to-Understand Management Dashboards

MindArc's cloud hosting service from our partner, iland, doesn't require deep technical knowledge to understand the cloud server's management dashboard. Aside from us being available to assist you whenever needed, small businesses without a dedicated IT person or even stakeholders at large enterprises can easily manage and scale the server effectively.

Swift Setup Process

Deploy your website fast and without the hassle. On average, we're able to launch your site in minutes. Time can change depending on service, such as migration.

When Should You Use Cloud Hosting?

Huge, well-known companies already made the switch from hardware servers to cloud hosting because of its flexibility. Companies, whether small businesses to large enterprises, can benefit from migrating their websites to cloud hosting, and the best time to use cloud hosting is today.

Small businesses can maximize the flexible pricing of cloud hosting service. You can easily scale the server sources up and down depending on website traffic. On the other hand, cloud hosting Australia can also serve at a higher level. For large enterprises, cloud hosting is perfect for organizations that deal with high traffic and need consistent website uptime. Switching to a reliable cloud hosting provider like iLand with our help allows faster site performance, no delay and solid security. Lastly, cloud web hosting from iland has a management dashboard; you can easily access and manage server resources anytime.

Get Cloud Hosting Services from MindArc

Through our partnership with iland, MindArc is able to provide a complete hosted cloud solution for businesses. The global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting continues to expand its portfolio of services and improving what was already introduce to customers.

Here services that come along with our cloud hosting services package:


iland Secure Cloud™

Scalable enterprise class infrastructure-as-a-Service supporting the most stringent and compliance needs.


iland Secure DRaaS™

Protection for your on-premise workloads, visual and physical as well as your systems running in the cloud.


iland Secure Private Cloud™

Dedicated resources with the same exceptional management and functionality of the cloud hosting provider's public cloud.


iland Secure Cloud Backup™

Back up your on-premise VMware and Hyper-V environments to a global iland cloud location.


Take advantage of cloud services for your business and experience benefits that will help your business grow online. MindArc is more than happy to discuss with you what cloud hosting and the cloud services that come with can do for your business and your team.

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