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Bundaberg Rum

Case Study

Challenge to solve: With Covid-19 impacting physical retail, they wanted to find ways to increase visibility online. MindArc and Bundaberg Rum partnered to improve search engine exposure through technical optimisation recommendations and content strategy changes.


Increased transactions by focusing on improving purchase intent via content and metadata!

Key pain point to address in this project:

The Bundaberg Rum site was in the process of being upgraded and migrated to Magento 2. Whilst this was happening they asked us to identify any quick wins for their current site which we could apply from a SEO perspective. This was also important as during the Covid lockdown period they knew their audience would be online more and looking for exclusive and limited-range style purchases that their product range had to offer.

Taking their Search exposure to the next level:

They were already ranking pretty well for many search terms, but we wanted to take it a step further so we conducted a site audit to identify potential on-page and technical quick wins. We followed this up with a full site keyword review and research analysis to identify additional search terms that would be relevant to their target audience. This research helped us identify and further improve their current SEO Metadata for all pages on the site, with a strong focus on their key product/ service areas.

The Wins:

Organic Performance based on month-on-month results saw some really strong improvements especially from an eCommerce perspective:


Organic Traffic


Organic Transactions


Organic Revenue


Conversion Rate

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