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Archie Rose Digital Transformation Partnership with MindArc.

Case Study



Archie Rose Distilling Co., a beacon of Australian craftsmanship, faced multifaceted challenges in its digital landscape. Transitioning from a bespoke platform to Shopify Plus, the distillery aimed to revolutionise its online presence, addressing existing challenges and capitalising on strategic opportunities. Key challenges included migrating from a custom system, adapting marketing strategies for headless architecture, and streamlining internal processes.

Our Approach

MindArc responded with a meticulous strategy, aligning closely with Archie Rose's goals. Our comprehensive approach involved a deep dive into Archie Rose's operations, including on-site observations of distillery and warehouse processes, discovery sessions with internal teams, and a thorough review of their previous website.

Our goals were ambitious:

  1. 1. Shift Archie Rose to DatoCMS and Shopify Plus for stability and scalability.
    2. Automate manual processes for seamless scaling as the business expands.
    3. Improve content management capability to keep the digital experience dynamic.
    4. Rethink and revitalise the front-end design with a focus on UX/UI.
    5. Integrate Shopify for commerce and leverage DatoCMS for content to create a harmonious digital environment.

Action Taken

MindArc's Projects Division spearheaded the execution of our strategy. The team developed a backend app to efficiently handle a large volume of data from various systems, ensuring a high call success rate and uptime. Multiple functionalities were implemented, including Nosto for personalisation, DatoCMS for user-friendly content management, and integration with partners such as Okendo, Elevar, and Gorgias.
The collaborative efforts with Nosto and Shopify's Hydrogen 2.0 brought advanced personalisation and product recommendation features, enhancing user engagement. DatoCMS on the front end of Shopify's headless site marked a significant milestone, providing a user-friendly interface for seamless content editing and management.



The outcomes of our intervention were not only transformative but quantifiable:

  1. Successful migration from a custom system to the new website, transferring old content into DatoCMS with varying formats.
    2. Implementing unique backend features, including booking and experience gift code generation, is crucial for Archie Rose's end-to-end process.
    3. Integration of Klaviyo improved email communication for transactional emails, enhancing customer engagement.
    4. Shopify's Hydrogen 2.0 and Oxygen stack powered an exceptional online experience, processing over 1.2 million requests in a month.

Collaboration with partners like Elevar ensured a comprehensive audit of site tracking, ensuring compatibility with GA4 and other third-party tracking. Gorgias integration streamlined Archie Rose's customer support services, boosting operational efficiency through automation.


MindArc's strategic intervention addressed Archie Rose's challenges and propelled them towards their goals. The ongoing collaboration focuses on expanding into new markets and implementing additional features, ensuring Archie Rose remains ahead of the competition.
This case study showcases MindArc's ability to deliver innovative solutions, from backend infrastructure to frontend design, ultimately enhancing the digital experience for Archie Rose Distilling Co. The success is evident in the transformative outcomes and the quantifiable metrics that highlight the scalability and stability of our solutions.


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