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Visual Merchandiser (Shopify)

Built in house and tailoring to our clients needs, we have built a Visual Merchandiser that allows for easy manipulation of your categories.

This will allow you to drop and drag your products in a view more representative of your Collection Pages, with quick filters that can sort your products in a non obtrusive way to Shopify.

What do we mean by non intrusive - we aren’t the source of truth for data, we consider that to be Shopify and what we have found is that the off the shelf applications can potentially take over this and cause problems with positions not working as intended due to their syncing schedules.

For our app, we process everything back to Shopify the moment you save and read back from Shopify on the fly - allowing us to ensure that the positions saved aren’t stored on our side and won’t conflict with other apps.

If you would like to know more about this product, please contact us for further information and see how we can get you a more streamlined method of merchandising for your storefront.

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