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Our Partners

Here at MindArc, we partner with the best of the best from the eCommerce and Marketing industries. We carefully review each partner before working with them to ensure their core values are aligned with ours.

We’re delighted to welcome to a new group of technology and marketing partners to our ecosystem this year. As you know if you work with us already, all our clients have one on one strategy sessions with their Digital Producers to ensure their road map is carefully planned out for the next few months.

Often what merchants find is when they partner with an agency, they gain access to one development solution and they have to source their own solutions for areas such as marketing, PR and SEO. With MindArc you not only gain access to our expertise in Magento and Shopify development and strategic planning, but also to what we call the MindArc Partner Network. Our network is full of carefully selected complementary services which can add further value to you and your business strategy.

We already work with every partner in our network so we trust their services and offering – which gives you back the time you would have spent looking for the right company. Check out our view of the MindArc Partner Network so far:

As part of these road map sessions, we might suggest tasks or activities which we do not have the skill set to execute in house. For example, email marketing is not a service we offer, so we partner with companies like Emarsys who excel in their offering in the space.

Our Digital Producers are trained to think creatively around brand activation and how we can help you achieve brand exposure in your market. For this, we recommend ways in which you can boost your online presence through SEO and AdWords, companies such as Online Marketing GurusAlpha Digital and Tell No Lies are our go-to partners for these services. Forging relationships with more than provider means we can successfully refer you to the partner who will fit your business needs.

Of course, brand exposure isn’t just online. We love working with Tash and her team from Word of Mouth Collective who specialise in content marketing, events and strategy to create heightened customer engagement and market exposure. Partners like Mobile Digital provide unique MMS Marketing solutions which are challenging the traditional marketing plan by creating custom-designed MMS messages to send out to your customer base.

We also partner with conversion optimisation businesses such as Yoghurt Digital who step in to your business and leverage new UX tools to help you boost your traffic and conversion rates. Their service is compounded by development offerings from our team who are able to incorporate their recommendations into your road map strategy with MindArc.

Our Partner Network doesn’t just include service providers who can help with your monthly strategy, we also partner closely with businesses who specialise in Grant Submissions. Our partner KP Retail has been helping over 130+ brands successfully apply for R+D and EMDG grants for over six years and compounds this offering with strategic growth advice.

This is just a small sample of our network, if you’re interested in unlocking access to our wider partner network, get in touch with us today so we can help bring your strategy together!

Thank you to all of our ongoing and new partners who have helped our clients achieve success so far, we can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring.

Interested in partnering with MindArc? Email us at [email protected] to find out more!

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