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Mobile UX: The Link Bar

In the ever changing world of “best practice”, we use this post to bring you up to speed on some new mobile UX developments.

With every site now operating on a “mobile first” basis for design and development, we thought it was important to share findings from a great article we recently read on Growth Rock.

We recently applied these learnings in one of our project design phases and have been really excited by the results in our user testing.

We all know what the hamburger menu is and how it operates. We’ve also seen a lot of sites, particularly fast fashion sites with a lot of categories, struggle to keep all their categories above the fold. This can be a hugely frustrating user experience so we are delighted to be able to talk about the positive testing which has been conducted on a secondary menu.


Growth Rock have coined the term “Link Bar” for this additional piece of functionality and we love it. This is a quick and easy way to push your customers to the right category without even opening the hamburger menu. This is a great alternative to funnelling your customers through a hamburger menu, which is becoming outdated, and also allows you to create a whole new user journey.

We suggest linking each main category to a dedicated mobile landing page, showing your female customers visual prompts to easily access each of their favourite categories. Why not go one deeper too and add an additional custom link bar once you’ve clicked into WOMAN? The link bar would change from MAN / WOMAN / KIDS to DRESSES / NEW / ACCESSORIES. This gives your customers a constant visual prompt to allow them to browse easily and quickly.

Merchants with the most SKUs are typically the ones to benefit from this functionality the most. Look at multi-brand eCommerce powerhouse ASOS for example. Next time your browse their mobile site or their App, note how easy it is for you to jump quickly from one category to the next and filter quickly between the styles based on your personal requirements.

A/B Testing results have shown really positive stats around conversion increase, faster time to checkout and improved user experience for brands who leverage the Link Bar.

To read the full study, with more stats, check out the original post on Growth Rock here.

If you’re interested in learning more about how MindArc can help you achieve growth and success by implementing a Link Bar, contact us today or bring this article along to your next strategy session with your Digital Producer.

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