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MindArc x i=Change

Our debut event in partnership with Jeremy Meltzer of i=Change was hosted in an intimate, candle lit setting provided by Song Hotel Sydney.

Last week, we hosted an intimate event in partnership with i=Change and Song Hotel Sydney. We wanted the ambience of the venue to be reflective of our topics for the event and as Song Hotel is also a not for profit organisation, we felt they were the perfect fit for our partnership with i=Change.

We welcomed guests from our client portfolio as well as retailers who currently use the i=Change platform. Together with The Hunger Project, we were able to clearly demonstrate and discuss the huge impact i=Change is having for the wellness and empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

Kicking off the evening was our General Manager, Cameron Gomes, who presented a strong case for integrating corporate social responsibility into your online marketing strategy. We’ve seen huge success from brands who have harnessed this strategy and have experienced conversion rate increase, average order value growth and heightened customer engagement.

His three key takeaways for brands to consider were Purpose, Transparency and Proactivity.

Making your brands purpose crystal clear is of paramount importance in an age where consumers are asking more questions. Your audience wants to see your team living and breathing your core values so they feel as though they are buying into a product with purpose.

So how can you make that clear? Transparency is everything in our digital era and touchpoints are more frequent than ever before. Make sure you and your team are all aligned on your brand’s message and mission. Talk about ways the people who are customer facing in your business can accurately portray these values through every touchpoint with the customer.

Finally, be proactive. Look for more ways you can shout about your brand’s message and values. Align yourself with partners who are aligned with you. Ask your customers what they think, ask them what they want to see from your brand. Make your sales path a positive, memorable experience for your customers and they will come back.

Here at MindArc, we’ve been taking our own advice and following the above steps. We’ve clearly defined our purpose and core values and our whole team exudes positive energy every day. We love what we do and we know why we do it. We proudly share who we are as a company across all our channels and openly answer any questions and accept all feedback so we can employ continuous incremental change. We’re proactive with our approach to partnerships which is why we work with i=Change. We know that the future of change will only happen if we make it and we’re dedicated to making 2018 the tipping point in partnership with Jeremy and his team.

If you want a free consultation with us about how you can apply these steps to your business, get in touch with us!

We heard from Jeremy about how i=Change makes it simple for online retailers to give back $1 with every sale and allows you to engage every customer in your purpose and turn every purchase into a memorable experience.

Already in partnership with iconic fashion brands, i=Change:

  • increases conversions up to 6% – unlocking new revenue beyond the cost of donations
  • is already impacting the lives of over 130,000 women and girls in 14 countries
  • Let’s see it! Pandora’s post-purchase i=Change platform. Pandora gives back. Customers choose where it goes – from 3 aligned causes – & can track the impact of their purchase in real-time!

Jeremy talked us through his recent trips overseas to see in realtime the positive effect i=Change is having on communities of women and girls worldwide which was incredibly inspiring for us all to hear. Here are Jeremy’s key takeaways from the night:

– In 2018, having a ‘purpose beyond product’ is a must-have

– This is a customer-driven movement. 93% millennials wish to shop brands that gives back. This is a meaningful and memorable way to engage your customers.

– Giving must be authentic and transparent – beyond cause-marketing – to be part of your brand’s DNA

We know not everyone could make it to the event so we’ve uploaded Cameron & Jeremy’s Presentation Slides for you to read through.

Questions? Let us know!

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