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Magento Imagine Finalists 2018

Magento Imagine 2018 is just around the corner and we have some exciting news to share..

The Annual Magento Imagine Conference celebrates innovation and the future of commerce and is just a few short weeks away. Magento uses this forum to share their road map for the year ahead with its partners and merchants and to unite the global ecommerce community.

For partners like ourselves, it is a unique opportunity to hear first hand from Magento’s leaders what the upcoming months have in store so we can incorporate any upcoming technological developments into strategy with our clients.

With inspiring speakers from the ecommerce world in attendance as keynote speakers, Imagine’s core values have always been creativity, unity and advancement in the world of ecommerce. Bringing together merchants, partners and vendors from each country worldwide, Magento encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing within its community to better the ecommerce ecosystem as we know it.

Here at MindArc, we have always mirrored these values and cite knowledge and creativity amongst our own core value pillars as we strive to make our industry better by innovating new solutions and creating custom development based on our business acumen for our clients.

With the Imagine 2018 Conference just a few short weeks away, we are thrilled to share the news that two of our clients have made the shortlist for two different award categories!

The finalists are chosen by a panel of Magento judges and are discerningly selected based on a specific criteria. Magento merchants worldwide are considered for each award category and must meet the highest standards of the industry to be shortlisted so to have two of our clients in the running for their respective awards is a huge accomplishment!

St Frock – Commerce Leader of the Year

St Frock have recently launched on Magento 2.2 on our latest AWS Technology Stack and we are thrilled that they have been shortlisted for the Commerce Leader of the Year Award. With a steady YoY increase in revenue, conversion rate and traffic, St Frock are dedicated to their digital presence growth and have already leveraged the functionalities which Magento 2.2’s platform has to offer.

From campaign and content scheduling to enhanced media, St Frock are destined for exponential growth this year thanks to the stability their new platform has provided and are are already leveraging their new technology for campaigns such as their below denim launch.

See what this means to our Director Matt Craig, who managed the St Frock launch, below..

Congratulations on the shortlist Matt, how exciting! How did you react when you found out St Frock had been nominated for what is arguably one of the most coveted awards in the Imagine categories?

Matt: I was really excited for them! They are working really hard at St Frock HQ and they deserve recognition for the results they have achieved.

St Frock are certainly a leader in their niche in the industry, what do you think makes their approach to their business stand out over the other fast fashion businesses?

Matt: After working closely with St Frock for the past year it’s clear that they have an amazing leadership team; Sandradee has done a great job at bringing in the right people and helping them grow into great leaders for their business.

During your time working with the St Frock team, how would you describe their approach to the digital side of their business?

Matt: They have a very thorough and logical approach. All key processes are documented and shared with their team so that there is no confusion. They are also good at selecting the right technology and systems to implement to ensure operations is running efficiently and they are able to deliver the right experience for their customers.

Finally, how do you think MindArc has set St Frock up for success, not only with their award nomination but also for their ecommerce road map?

Matt: Our focus has always been to make sure St Frock has a solid technology infrastructure. We don’t want them to worry about their platform or systems holding them back, rather we want them to be able to focus on growing their business. We will continue assisting them by improving and building on their systems to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and deliver a great experience for their customers.

Visit the St Frock Site >>>


The Daily Edited – Winner of Best Web Experience

The Daily Edited was our first client to launch on Magento 2 in 2016. With beautiful, luxury branding at the heart of TDE’s company, we overcame numerous challenges with the core of Magento 2.0 to create a visionary customer experience. The Daily Edited regularly works with international influencers, such as Hailey Baldwin and the Stallone Sisters, and create custom products in collaboration with other luxury brands – Zimmermann, Dion Lee & Tome to name a few.

With monogramming updating in real-time on the product pages of TDE for the customer to see exactly how their item will appear and a 3D image of a leather bag so the user can see how their bag will be constructed based on their colour selection, MindArc’s team of dedicated developers pulled out all the stops to ensure TDE’s customers would have a unique web experience.

See what our Director Sean Pieres has to say on the project below..

Congratulations on the shortlist for Best Web Experience Sean! What does it mean to you that the first site you and the MindArc Team launched on Magento 2 has made it into such a prestigious award category?

Sean: I’m so very proud of the MindArc and The Daily Edited teams collaborative effort to get the site launched and live in time for the Hailey Baldwin campaign. We knew from the beginning that the site needed to be live before that campaign so it was great to have that milestone to motivate us.

When you first met Alyce and The Daily Edited team they were using WooCommerce, how did you know that Magento 2 was the right solution for their business?

Sean: The Daily Edited were an enterprise business which had outgrown the scalability and capability of WooCommerce. Magento 2 offered a number of enterprise features and faster speed to market in assisting the integration and development of their custom fulfilment process in relation to monogramming.

How did you collaborate with The Daily Edited to create the designs? 

Sean: The design process was a completely collaborative process between both teams, with TDE and MA working together on the end to end process in terms of Branding, Wireframing, UI/UX and Conversion Optimisation.

Can you describe any challenges which arose during the development of the site which you had to overcome to maintain the UX of the designs? Were any compromises or changes made?

Sean: The monogramming previewer had a lot of data processing in the browser when rendering the monograms onto the product and required performance optimisation. This was not only the biggest requirement of the project but also the biggest hurdle for us to overcome. Luckily, our developers are highly skilled in performance optimisation so we were able to create a custom solution around this to achieve a quick, great result for TDE.

Finally, how did you leverage and build upon the core functionality of the raw Magento 2.0 to create such a unique user experience?

Sean: We supported and implemented custom development for the monogramming previewer on product pages, which allows for real-time preview of monogramming on the product with different colours, fonts, emojis, styles and sizes and placement positions. We supported/implemented a 3D bag customiser, that allowed changing of colours of handles, bag exterior, bag interior and monogramming options. This element of the product pages meant we needed to display this on the cart and checkout too, so the user would have reassurance of their purchase so we implemented custom cart information to have monogramming information and a custom checkout user interface.

As content and lifestyle aspiration is so important to the TDE brand, we developed the homepage to have a modular content layout with video and blocks, controllable by the TDE team with what we called a “rainbow style slider” to feature new products.

Visit The Daily Edited >>>

Sean will be heading to Las Vegas for the Imagine 2018 in a few short weeks and will be there to hear the winners announced in real-time, stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog and social channels to see if St Frock and The Daily Edited take home the Awards!

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