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Innovation: The MindArc Data Migration Module

At MindArc, one of our core values is innovation and it is in everything we do. We live and breathe technology and automation and our dedicated team of developers and solution architects have taken it to the next level with their most recent module creation.

Here at MindArc, we see ourselves as pioneers of innovation in our space. We concentrate our efforts inwardly, constantly seeking to better our company and the ecosystem we are a part of. Investing our time into Research & Development (R&D) and tirelessly seeking the “why” in everything we do, our development team is the whirring engine at the core of MindArc.

We, along with the rest of the industry, struggled through the early days of Magento 2 with the early 2.0 release and battled core bugs, data migration and hosting to successfully launch numerous sites.

Our developers knew there was a better, more efficient way to complete these launches and migrations, so they put their thinking hats on internally while our digital producers went out to talk to our clients retrospectively to discuss the highs and lows of the project process.

The one area we all agreed upon as being the most time consuming and painful? Data.

Magento 1’s data structure is completely different from that of Magento 2 meaning it took time and meticulous effort to ensure that all the data from M1 was carried seamlessly into M2. When we say data, we mean orders, customers, products, prices, imagery, the whole job lot. So what did we do about it? We innovated.

The Migration Module

Having been involved in many migrations and builds now in Magento 2.x we have experienced issues that most Merchants have when moving from any platform into Magento 2.x.

We have invested time into building a module that allows for the direct input of data into the Magento 2 site from a JSON format or CSV format.

For Magento 1.x clients, this allows us to sync most of the core requirements that clients would need to map across quite easily and with little adjustments to have their data flowing into their new Magento 2.x site in realtime.

How does it work?

Our custom module syncs your Magento 1 Site’s Data overnight, every night, for the duration of your new Magento 2 Build. This means every night, all your orders, customers, products et al are all synced across to your new M2 Database.

What does this improve?

– Minimal downtime impact
– Readily useable data and updated content changes from their current live site
– Ability to transfer and modify data from M1 to M2 without database dumps (ETL)

What does this mean?

For our clients with high traffic sites, this could mean a sites downtime can be reduced significantly and ensure that their site has still maintained its uptime. Clients can see how their data will look and ensure that reporting and data between the two sites is kept intact when transferred.

What comes out of the box with this module?

We have optimized our data set to include the following:

– Products (including custom attributes & sets)
– Product Stock/Prices Individually (included in full product sync)
– Product Images Individually (included in full product sync)
– CMS Blocks/Pages
– CMS Block/Pages Images
– Subscribers
– Customers
– Orders (incl. Shipments, Invoices, Credit Memos & Transaction data)
– Store Credit (enterprise/custom third party)
– Gift Cards (enterprise/customthird party)

How fast is it?

We have run multiple, varied tests to ensure that it is kept to the highest speed. We are already optimizing the module to make it even better however from our last deployment using the module we received these stats upon completion:

– Transferring full customer data – (3000 records /1m)
– Transferring full order data – (10000/1m)
– Transferring full product data – (500/1m) – including images
– Transferring CMS/Pages – For roughly 50 static blocks and 30 pages, it was around 15 seconds
– Transferring Subscribers – (10000/1m)
– Transferring Store Credit – (5000/1m)
– Transferring Gift Cards – (300/10 seconds)

So, where do I sign up?

If you’re an existing Magento 1 merchant and you’re interested in getting started with Magento 2, get in touch with us today to find out how! We’ll tell you about our tried and tested Magento 2.2 Theme too which will significantly minimise the build time so you’ll be up and running in no time.

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