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i=Change: The Social Crusade

Imagine if there was a way to transform your brand into a force for good, fighting injustice for women and girls worldwide, with minimal effort? Well, it turns out there is a way and Jeremy Meltzer has the answer.

Here at MindArc, we conscientiously involve ourselves in bettering the ecommerce landscape as much as we possibly can. Through releasing new ideas, technologies and innovations to the market we strive to make a positive impact on our ecosystem.

So when we met Jeremy Meltzer, founder of i=Change, and our generation’s social crusader, we realised we could now make a positive impact on a global scale – to help educate our portfolio of customers about this new and powerful way to give back.

What is i=Change?

i=Change was developed to create a new and sustainable stream of funding for NGO’s which focus on the empowerment of women and girls.

The concept is supremely simple for online retailers to use and implement. After someone checks out on your site, your branded i=Change platform appears (click the link to see the Pandora example), where your business donates $1 from every purchase and your customer gets to decide where it goes – from three aligned charity projects.

Customers can then track the impact the $1 donation has made to the project they feel passionate about supporting.

As an e-commerce business, this brings your corporate social responsibility (CSR) front and centre, provides radical transparency in real-time, while uniquely and authentically engaging your customer with every purchase. This provides your customers with a powerful and emotional experience, while together you make a significant impact to the well-being of women and girls worldwide.

What does this mean for you, the retailer?

Many of Australia’s most well-known brands are already using i=Change. While the brand’s giving with every sale is a ‘surprise and delight’ for all customers, many have also included it as part of their branding strategy. Incorporating this charitable message into your brand is incredibly savvy in an age where transparency is everything and customers are asking more questions about the origins of the goods they consume.

Imagine if you could connect with your customers on a level that transcends seasonal products and social feeds, and fully immerses them in your core values with every sale. Businesses worldwide are moving towards this immersive marketing strategy, as it’s no longer enough to show your customers a 2D image only – where your purpose is just about product. Consumers are now expecting the other dimensions with each sale – to experience your ‘purpose beyond product’.


93% of Millennials will choose to shop with brands which give back. That’s a staggering amount of your customer database who will be inclined to come back and shop with you again after seeing the commitment your brand has to charitable causes which will most likely be close to their hearts.

By providing your customers with a memorable experience which will surpass the usual online shopping journey, your customers will engage with you on a whole new level and will feel as though they’re partnering with you – choosing your brand – for a higher and better cause.

Brands already working with i=Change have typically seen a 6% increase on average order value which easily offsets the cost of the donations.

How exactly does it work?

You, the retailer, will give back $1 from each sale. When your customer finalises their purchase, they’re prompted to choose where your donation goes. It’s that simple!

The customer also has the option to make an additional donation using their own funds, and can track the impact the donation has on their chosen charity.

The effect so far?

i=Change has already impacted the lives of over 130,000 women and girls in 14 countries and counting with the support of its retailers who have together raised over $600,000 – with your support there is no limit to what we can achieve to help support women’s rights on a global scale.

MindArc is proud to support the work of i=Change and is committed to furthering the cause of Jeremy and his dedicated team. For this reason, we are offering to implement the necessary development work to install the i=Change module/app/code completely free of charge for all our clients.

If you’re interested, just let us know and we’ll put you in touch with the i=Change team to start the straightforward partnership process! You might also be interested in joining us and i=Change for an intimate evening of networking, wine & canapes. If so, register your interest here




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