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Facebook Messenger Marketing: The New Frontier

eCommerce has seen numerous trends come and go when it comes to reaching out to and engaging with customers. EDMs, automated triggers, SMS and MMS… now we’re about to see something truly disrupt the process.

Remember when abandoned cart emails first started triggering? It was an incredible and revolutionary way to remind your customers that they had added something to their shopping cart and that it was still there waiting for them. Immediately, that email would instil a sense of urgency to customers to come back and complete their purchase after being reminded of that special something which they just couldn’t resist.

I still send abandoned cart emails though, is this outdated?

This is not to say that your carefully planned EDM schedule isn’t working – remember all brands engage with this customers differently and EDMs do still provide great, engaging content for your audience. After a while though, the emails start to get annoying. Compounded by numerous marketing EDMs shouting about new arrivals, sales and other updates, emails have started being ignored and finding their way into junk and clutter folders.

Some merchants turned to SMS and MMS advertising instead, another way to reach customers but this time on a more personal level. Leaps forward with MMS designs meant customers would receive a GIF-style message to their iMessage inbox, but still in the same impersonal language.

New statistics are appearing which show email engagement falling and Facebook Messenger engagement rising rapidly.

What should I be doing with those statistics?

Shopify have come up with a new way to engage with customers on a new level, leveraging one of the most used platforms in the world. Facebook Messenger. It integrates into your life in numerous ways already, Facebook’s AI already listens to your conversations with your friends and makes its own suggestions along the way.

Consumers are shifting away from email and text and even iMessage as a form of communication as Messenger seems to be the platform of choice. And if that’s where your customers are, that’s where you should be too.

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Shopify has developed a way to leverage this intelligence and take it to the next level. With the boom of shoppable Instagram posts a few months ago, merchants are now using their Facebook Pages to do more than just encourage brand engagement. This is now a way for brands to communicate with their customers in an incredibly intelligent way through Messenger. You’re not limited with what you can do either, in the same way that big email marketing platforms have spent months perfecting your automation flow, Messenger can achieve the same flow but in a much more personal, human way.

Shopify merchants have jumped onto this opportunity and brands like Pure Cycles have already seen a revenue increase of 14% from being at the front of this innovation curve. Merchants like GoPro are also leveraging the “product discovery” features.

What can I send my customers through Facebook Messenger?

You can choose how you want to talk to your customers. Send abandoned cart emails, order confirmations, ask your customers if they’d like to be notified when your order is shipped and much more.

There are countless ways to communicate with your customers and it’s up to you if you want that to be conversational, sales driven or just a simple surprise & delight notification. The AI can be set up to interact with your customers as though it was a member of your customer service team and can help display your product catalogue in a filtered way depending on the customers responses. So you want to see tops? What colour, blue or red? Do you want to add this to bag? Done, without even leaving the Messenger App.

How do I set this up on my Shopify store?

Luckily for you, we’re a Shopify Plus Partner and we’re ready to help you get this incredible solution off the ground. Our Head of Technology John has already implemented Facebook Messenger Marketing on his demo site so we’re well placed to give you our advice on the best practice way to set up and go.

Read the full post from Shopify & the brains behind the platform here >

We’d love to hear what you think about this latest tool for Facebook Messenger Marketing for Shopify Merchants! Get in touch with us via the form below, or chat to your Digital Producer, to find out more about how you can incorporate this powerful method of marketing into your strategy today.


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