We do things right the first time around. We think good design is as little design as possible and we don’t speak to you in developer language. We communicate updates and progress with all parties and deliver a website that is beyond expectation.


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Sydney, Australia


25 people

What is MindArc?


We’re a digital agency specialising in:

  • eCommerce
  • Magento customisation and support
  • UI/UX Design
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Shopify Plus customisation and support
  • Hosting

The basics of MindArc

In a nutshell MindArc is pretty epic, maybe these infographs will convey this.

Talented humans in the MindArc Squad


are Apple lovers


are coffee enthusiasts


We use creative thinking to achieve our goals and problem solve using our ideas and experience to come up with things which have never been done before to create amazing news experiences for ourselves and the company. We focus on what MindArc is going and our own capability instead of the industry competition and we believe this will lead to innovation.

Having a curious mindset about what we do, how it works and why we do it. We are constantly striving to know our work, our industry and ourselves better. We will aim to become experts in everything we do. Always bettering ourselves for continuous improvement each day.

Striving to understand each other, our clients and our partners a little better every day. A balanced relationship means helping, looking out for each other and ensuring that we get the best outcome for everyone including ourselves, our clients and the business.

We believe in working sustainably and efficiently to achieve independence, autonomy and freedom of choice. Through a profitable work place we can have freedom of choice for ourselves and the business.

We want to ensure that beauty is in everything we do, focusing on aesthetic, creating joyful user experiences and interactions with technology. Using both the left and right side of our brains to solve problems.


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