Case Study: Camera Pro

Old Platform:

Magento 1 Enterprise

New Platform:

Magento Enterprise 2.1.9



The Brief:

Increase sales, improve netsuite integration, make it easier to manage within the CMS

The Result:

22.52% Increase in conversion and an easy CMS


Client Profile:

CameraPro is more than just a leading retailer, they are a community built on insight and inspiration for photographers by photographers. The business is a result of Jesse Hunter’s single-minded vision to create and innovate through bringing a community of like-minded photographers together. Driven by the relentless pursuit of being better, CameraPro wanted to take their ecommerce experience to the next level on Magento 2.

With a strong focus on customer service and outstanding UX, the MindArc Team was tasked with a four-month turnaround – our shortest Magento 2 timeline to date. In parallel with CameraPro’s values to innovate and constantly challenge ourselves to be the best – we accepted the challenge.


The Project:

Leveraging the Porto theme as our starting point we started the project with a clean, concise UX/UI Design to keep things light on the front-end development, so we could focus our efforts on back-end customisations.

We approached this project using the agile scrum process and created a phased approach with plenty of client touchpoints to ensure we were on track for a clean delivery. As the timeline was tight, we diligently worked hour to hour to ensure timelines and deliverables were met with high quality development and thorough quality assurance.

The go-live was exceptionally smooth due to the custom-built data migration module that had been working in the background to convert M1 data in real-time to minimise the downtime required to switch to M2. Thanks to a sound QA and UAT Phase built into the timeline, the CameraPro site is one of our proudest deployments.


Displaying optimised UX to help guide users to their perfect choice.


The Outcome:

Not only has the CameraPro team seen an increased conversion rate and revenue uptake, the site is easy to maintain and manage for all content and fulfilment processes resulting in a very happy client. Now we have launched successfully on Magento 2, the CameraPro team is keen to serve their customers with a personalised journey based on their preferences and shopping habits so we are currently with their team to optimise this process.


The result? An optimised site with considered, best-practice UX to funnel users through a path to conversion.