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Shopify Plus - Misconceptions, Perceptions and Reality

Posted by Matthew Craig on

Understand the real

Innovate with Shopify Plus.

Understanding the capabilities of an eCommerce platform can be confusing particularly as you dive deeper into more technical territory. We want to help clarify some of the key capabilities Shopify Plus has to offer that are often misunderstood or misrepresented when being compared to other platforms in the market.

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Common myths about Shopify Plus debunked!

Shopify Plus Apps Myth

You can't run a business on Shopify Plus alone and the platform relies on third-party apps to handle core functionality required by larger businesses.


In our experience we have found Shopify Plus to have a lot more native functionality built-in when compared with other popular platforms. Functionality such as Shopify Email, Shopify Shipping, Shopify Payments, Shopify Flow, Shopify Scripts, Shopify Launchpad, native Facebook and Google Marketing connectivity, Shopify POS and native iPad and iPhone app capabilities.

Shopify Plus Payment Gateway Myth

Shopify doesn’t handle displaying multi-currency or provide multi-currency settlement functionality.


Shopify has multi-currency conversion at market rate built in natively. It also has multi-currency settlement built in natively called “Settle and Collect”.

Reference: Selling and Getting Paid in Different Currencies 

Going International with Shopify Plus

Shopify doesn't work well for a global, scaling business with multi-regional websites.


Most businesses that use Shopify Plus to handle their global eCommerce infrastructure will have an ERP such as Apparel21, SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics or CIN7.

An ERP is the essential glue that acts as the mothership that holds “source of truth” for data syncing of Products, Customers, Orders, Shipments from all your international stores. You can leverage Shopify's robust APIs to connect your ERP to Shopify and allow your global business to run successfully.

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