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Convert More with Conversion Rate Optimisation! (CRO)

Posted by Fabien Galet on

Clicks But No Conversions? Convert More with Conversion Rate Optimisation! (CRO)

Posted by Fabien Galet

Acquiring qualified traffic is expensive and faces the common issue of notably low conversion rates, regardless of the industry. Developing your e-commerce business doesn't have to be about finding more traffic at all costs. By capitalising on your existing audience, we offer blueprint solutions that aim to improve their engagement and ultimately your conversion rate through our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Personalisation strategies.

Our approach is like no other agency.

Our CRO framework is process driven and our methodology is widely proven. We like to break the status quo by utilising our expertise and data & insights to challenge our client with new methods of acquiring customers such as using cognitive biases and personalisation tactics. We take a complete site review of the digital user journey as well as the conversion funnel to generate insights. We can identify the pain-points that contribute to the missed revenue opportunities and use this data to focus on the areas that we need to target to improve the digital customer journey.

We love to combine data-driven hypotheses with Psychology.

Our approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) also combines behavioural economics and consumer psychology.


We use multiple consumer psychology tactics to develop:

  • Web pages to facilitate cognitive ease and enhance hedonic motivation
  • Work on user experience to take advantage of uncertainty
  • Principles of neuromarketing in e-commerce

We have the resource to build large scale tests.

Through a mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as heuristic and user experience (UX) concepts, we have the ability to create hypotheses and a prioritisation plan to help understand the CRO testing opportunities for your site, how long a test would take and when the test would be statistically significant. The CRO journey is about testing these hypotheses and deciding on permanent enhancements to your website before you invest in developing them!


MindArc’s foundations are built upon highly skilled and innovative individuals that are passionate about eCommerce. Using the wealth of experience in our team, we can deploy complex CRO tests and bring the successful tests to life all in one place! Get in touch with us to find out more.

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