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Automated Testing

When you’re running an eCommerce store, we know you’re constantly performing tests throughout the day to ensure your site is performing.

This is a natural part of running a successful online store. As your store and sales scale up, the pressure to ensure each area of your site is working with optimum performance scales with it.

This is something which comes up time and time again in our strategy meetings with our clients. Our clients want to know if we have any advice for them, how they can sleep comfortably in the knowledge that customers can still check out and place orders on the site.

The double edged sword of eCommerce is its constant accessibility. Physical stores close for the day every evening, the managers cash up the till, lock the doors, set the alarm and head home for dinner. They go to bed at 10pm, they sleep easily.

eCommerce Managers do not have that luxury. When the clock turns to 5pm, that doesn’t signal the end of the business for the day. It signals that Europe is waking up and they’re ready to shop on their way to work. When they’re ready to go to bed at 10pm, America is waking up. They too, are ready to shop.

So what happens if something happens on the site while you, the eCommerce manager, are having dinner? Or worse, when you’re asleep?

Around 80% of our clients perform a 5pm checkout test every day, to check the site is performing before close of business. This test takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. That’s not too long, right? Wrong.

That equates to a staggering 50 hours per year. 

After seeing first hand the effects of monitoring an eCommerce store 24/7, we knew that we had an opportunity to do something to help our clients and the eCommerce Managers in the industry by providing a new service.

With innovation as one of our core values and being at the heart of everything we do, we decided to create an automated solution to mitigate manual testing.

Introducing: Automated Testing

MindArc has researched the best tools in the industry to provide you with an exceptional, innovative solution to reduce your manual efforts.

We have built a library of test cases designed to eliminate the need for you and your team to keep that constant, trained eye on your sites key functions.

Our offering is simple. We have designed three tiered packages, each containing varying test cases to suit different pieces of site functionality at staggered intervals, to monitor your site 24/7 and provide reports and alerts if a test fails.


This is our entry level offering for businesses who want to replace 30 mins of daily, manual effort. The Bronze Package includes a checkout test and a test to ensure your newsletter sign up is functioning.

These two tests will run once per day, at a time of your choosing, and will provide a pass or fail report which your Digital Producer will be alerted to.


The Silver Package is best suited to businesses with a few key areas of functionality. This package focuses on testing your checkout, out of stock notifications and newsletter sign up twice per day. You are able to specify the times which we test in order to see maximum value from the tests and their results.


The Gold Package is our premier offering. This package runs automated tests every hour, on the hour, for all the key areas of your website. The checkout test can be completed with payment methods of your choice, your out of stock notifications will be tested as well as your newsletter sign ups. The results of each test will be recorded hourly and your Digital Producer will be notified of any failed tests immediately so we can provide you with support.

If you’d like to know how we can help your eCommerce store by providing you with an automated testing solution, please get in touch with your Digital Producer or fill out the form below to find out how we can get started and start reducing your manual efforts.

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