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At MindArc Digital Agency, we educate and equip our clients to create beautiful and memorable shopping experiences for their customers. Want to find out how?

Following countless successful Magento 1 and 2 builds and as a Professional Partner of Magento, we see ourselves as leaders in our field. We harness the flexibility of the platform and combine that with our innovative creative and development teams to produce incredible custom functionality and beautiful ecommerce experiences.

As a Shopify Plus partner, we are perfectly positioned to guide you and your e-commerce store to success and provide your customers with a brilliant online experience. We work closely with the Shopify Plus team to ensure you get the very best outcome for your new site.

Our dedicated team of Digital Producers are committed to supporting your online and offline strategies through building a sound e-commerce roadmap for your business. We integrate ourselves with you and your team to provide you with exceptional support and insight from our own industry experiences.

Our UI/UX teams harness their skills in Design, Optimisation, CSS, HTML and JavaScript to translate design concepts into amazing user experiences which integrate seamlessly with the backend functionality of your site.

Our engineers support your daily business requirements, as well as consistently evaluate and enhance your site performance to ensure optimal customer experience through site speed and optimisation, including the maintenance and management of your hosting technologies.

Leverage our skilled and experienced development team to produce custom modules and applications to tailor to your business requirements. We can help automate business processes as much as possible and cut-down administration activities to free your staff up to focus on activities to help your business grow.

Our story so far…

MindArc is an organically grown eCommerce agency which was founded in 2012 by Sean Pieres and Matthew Craig. With strong backgrounds in business, technology, and development Sean and Matt had a vision for an agency which would focus on building strong relationships with clients in Magento & Shopify development.

Want to get the best out of your e-commerce site? Want to offer your customers the most rewarding and memorable online shopping experience?

You can with MindArc, the premier e-commerce agency in Sydney.

Success in the competitive world of e-commerce depends on having the right team on your side. At MindArc, we offer a highly skilled and experienced team with a diverse range of technical and creative talents, enabling you to bring your online store to life and enjoy the success your business deserves.

As a thriving Shopify agency/ developer and a professional partner of Magento, MindArc can infuse your e-commerce site with all the latest technology and insider knowledge from the leading platforms in the business. This will make you a firm favourite with your customers and keep you ahead of your competitors for continued success.


The early days of the eCommerce Agency…

Our first build was Showpony Fashion, which you may now know as Showpo, and we could never have predicted their oncoming success after the launch of their Magento site. We provided them with design, development and a strong implementation to set them on a strong success trajectory. Showpo’s success boomed on the Magento platform and they were soon cementing themselves as one of the leading eCommerce stores in Australia.

We found more and more fashion brands approach us after the launch of Showpo, so we began to hone in on our niche offering to fashion clients on the Magento platform. We are proud to boast a portfolio of clientele ranging from pure play fast fashion eCommerce stores to strongly established luxury Australian fashion brands.

This range of experience positioned us to provide the right tools for pure play eCommerce stores, such as strong optimisation and reliable server infrastructure to handle spikes of traffic from their social influencer’s followers and flash sales. At the other end of the spectrum, our luxury fashion clients rely heavily on our knowledge of styling and UX for the Magento platform to ensure their brand presence online is positioned to be reflective of the in-store offering.

A Sydney based eCommerce Agency that drives ROI through true client partnership and integration…

Our approach is to partner with our clients, and actively involve ourselves in their business to position ourselves as their digital partner. We spend a lot of time in our clients’ offices, observing how they pick and pack their customer orders, which courier they dispatch with, all the way through to how they map out their marketing calendar for the year based on their key sales events like Black Friday and Vogue Online Shopping Night.

This allows us to combine our knowledge of Magento & Shopify with our understanding of our client’s business processes to create custom, automated solutions to make every day a little easier – it’s all about reducing the administration footprint. This puts us in a unique position to strategically advise the client on growth strategies and how eCommerce can be better utilised in the wider business.

An innovative and collaborative Magento & Shopify developers…

Our internal culture is our biggest strength. We place a heavy focus on our people and try to ensure that our office vibe is reflective of this. At MindArc, we see ourselves as family and our team lives and breathes that ethos every day through teamwork and a strong support network.

Finding the best and most talented Magento/Shopify experts to work within our boutique eCommerce Agency…

We have invested our time into sourcing the best of the best developers and team members who share our vision for partnership and innovation. Through combining our strong understanding of technology with our passion for understanding our clients’ business needs, we have built our own best practice MindArc Performance Stack approach which positions our client sites as some of the fastest Magento 1 and Magento 2 sites in the industry. We are constantly pushing forward with developing our own technology and creating our own custom solutions for reporting, email marketing, performance optimisation, and quality assurance.

We understand that stock, order and customer management is critical for the success of our clients’ online businesses, so we quickly familiarised ourselves with some of the major POS Systems commonly used. Our busy MindArcian’s set to work on building custom integrations for both Magento 1 and 2 for AP21, Harmony, NetSuite, Indigo 8 as well as connecting clients’ stock and order data with external sites such as Farfetch, the Iconic, eBay, Amazon and Arch Fashion to maximise their online selling reach.

A Shopify and Magento partner agency with more than just “Dev”: UX, Design, and Dev working harmoniously to drive ROI…

The growth of our Design and UX Team has been a recent development for MindArc too, with more and more designs becoming data-driven we invested in our team’s education of this fast-growing space to ensure we were giving our clients the best possible industry knowledge. Our UX Team work closely with our development team to utilise online tools such as Hot Jar and Google Analytics to conduct user studies and analyse customer journeys. We believe that design and development go hand in hand in eCommerce and the Magento platform, so our design team is constantly collaborating with our UI developers to understand the technical capabilities and limitations of the platform to ensure their designs are appropriately optimised.

Our Shopify & Magento development and design teams are supported by our team of passionate and innovative Digital Producers. With years of experience in the team working with a variety of eCommerce clients, our Producers focus on building strong client relationships and partnerships with key industry companies to ensure they are always up to date with any emerging technologies which could help their clients.

We have a local growth strategy focusing on building our AU headcount to limit the need for outsourced resources. This strategy means we have invested our energy and resources into creating new technologies and methodologies to help automate and streamline our work and quality of delivery on the Magento platform.

What makes our Ecommerce Agency Different…

As a result, MindArc is one of the only Magento Partners which can offer a local AU dev team which can competitively go up against some of the biggest players in the market of whom outsource to keep costs low. Our local development team members accompany our digital producers to client meetings to experience first-hand their technology in action and provide further recommendations for improvements.

Though our development team is predominantly based in Sydney, our Vietnamese Team provides testing and support capabilities for the sites we manage. We do not see our outsourced team as “external resources”, they are part of our team and our culture and follow the same processes which we do. We conduct bi-annual trips to our Vietnam office to catch up with the team members and ensure they receive the same training, benefits and attention as our local AU team.

We see ourselves as a disruptor in our space; we strive to be the most agile Magento Partner Agency in Australia and our team are constantly making progress in their roles to challenge our competitors. We always go the extra mile for our clients and don’t allow ourselves to be constrained by paperwork and red tape – we’re into open, honest communication with our partners and like to get our hands dirty.

In 2017, we branched out from being a Magento exclusive agency and became one of Shopify’s largest Plus Partner in Australia. At MindArc, we want to make sure we are offering the best solutions to our clients, so we have been incredibly excited to delve into a new world of technology by working alongside the Shopify team to understand their value proposition in the market and where they can provide the best solution for the right clients. We’ve welcomed a new roster of clients into the MindArc family and are already in the process of contributing to Shopify’s ever-growing list of apps that extend the capabilities of the platform.

So, in a nutshell? Here at MindArc we’re all about people, technology and partnership. Let us guide you through the Magento and Shopify development ecosystems and help you make big decisions for your eCommerce store strategy.

Speak to us today to start a project.